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Andrew Park

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Landfills

What are landfills?
Its impact on
food chain
Some poorly managed landfill site can cause some problems to food chain by involving into it. As I mentioned earlier, the landfill sites are far from urban areas. On the other side it means that it is near the rural areas and natural habitats. Well sometimes the animals (Mostly primary consumers) that need food comes in the landfill site and eats the polluted organic waste inside the landfill. Secondary consumers eat these infected primary consumers and get infected just like the primary consumers, and that pattern just goes over and over again. Also, some consumers eat plastic and die of suffocation caused by choke of plastic that was stuck on their neck. We can't just let innocent animals die. We have to do something.
Its effect on surrounding population
Landfills facts
Did you know that...
Landfills and their effects
Landfills, also known as landfill site, is a site for disposing waste materials such as banana pills, which is organic waste, chip bag,
which is solid waste, liquid waste, etc. The landfills are usually located far apart from urban areas because it does a lot of pollution. Although it does a lot of pollution in nearby areas, they
still use this method because it is a most cost-efficient way to dispose waste especially in countries like Canada where it has a lot of open spaces.
The landfills are harmful and uncomfortable to live nearby. For example the methane gas produced by the wastes in landfill site. It is flammable and it is potentially explosive therefore it is really dangerous. Although properly managed landfill site have methane recovery system, some poorly managed landfill site can let out methane gases easily. Also, the landfill sites have some vectors such as rats that can spread infectious diseases.
In addition, it can cause some dust, odor, sound pollution, and it lowers local property values.
About one third of an average dump is made up of packaging materials!
On average, it costs $30 per ton to recycle trash, $50 to send it to the landfill, and $65 to $75 to incinerate it
Approximately 67.2% of Canada's waste gets disposed in the landfills
Canada has over 10000 landfill sites
Paper takes 80 years to break down
It takes 100 years to dissolve a tin can
A littered aluminum can take 500 years to disintegrate
It take at least 1 million years to break down a plastic bottle

Then The End
What can we do to make
this better
In order to reduce landfills today there are easy ways that you can take part on. Believe it or not, throwing out clothes are one of the biggest contribution we make to landfills today.
Therefore, donate your clothes that doesn't fit, that you don't like. Also, when you throw out your cloth make sure it is absolutely worn out. Eating healthy helps too. Healthy foods have less packaging materials. Absolutely recycling and reusing gives a really big help, but most important out of all is just don't by as much stuffs. Think about what you need versus what you want.

More ways to reduce landfills
Reduce food waste
Save leftovers for tomorrow
Buy things with less packaging
Compost food wastes
Buy reusable things such as
rechargeable batteries
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