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No description

jamie kim

on 20 December 2015

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Transcript of Summary

Conner and Alex Bailey are twins. Alex known as the smart one and Conner as the not so smart one. After their father died, they ended up from a colorful house to living in a rental house. They accidently landed in the Land of Stories by their Grandma's book, which was passed throughout their childhood given to the twins. In the book, they meet Froggy who gave them a book written by a mysterious person they do not know. In the book, they figure out about the wishing spell that can bring them back home, while having to sneak into castles an explore the whole land to get the items. Not only was the evil queen but also the wolve were chasing after them. If you want to know what happens to them, read this amazing book written by Chris Colfer.
Favorite Part
My favorite part in this book was when the twins meet the Frog man for the first time. not only was alex, but also her brother was kind of scared of him. fly eater that wears clothes probably would be kind of scary.
Recommendaion to...
People/ kids who love fantasy. not only will there be fantasy, but a little humor and adventurous images in your head too. maybe a little bit of mystery.i really had a great time reading this book full of fairytales. i myself am ot a fan of princesses, although this book was to good to not be read. it was like the book was calling my name.
Its caling me!
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