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Social Media

No description

Kimberly Ciesla

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Media

Benefits Improves customer service Enhances brand recognition Builds relationships Improves customer service Enhances brand recognition Builds ongoing relationships easily accessible less frustration more personal interaction gives consumers a sense of being recognized more exclusive audience demographics? exclusive offers/coupons Repetition easy interaction with customers 24/7 convenience Q&A from anywhere Utilizing Social Media Full-time position timely responses a must utilize services to the fullest candidates easy to find Investment conferences & workshops ignorance of programs = audience skepticism stay ahead of the game Transparency in control feedback respond quickly always in the know negative and positive educate & inform kill potential crises Case Studies Don's Bagels Volunteer Center of Gloucester County Campbell Soup Dell Good Easy to find Facebook Fan Page Large amount of information Interactive tech support Bad 15 twitter accounts 3 have not tweeted in over one year 5 have not tweeted in over one month Resorts Casino Good One Twitter account updated regularly Informative Facebook fan page Bad Twitter had about 800 followers Facebook has about 500 fans Macy's Good Over 420k Facebook fans Good information and info on upcoming sales Even Better! Great use of Twitter Most tweets are direct responses Over 10k followers United Airlines Guitar Crisis Social Media? epic fail... Southwest Airlines should probably teach UA a thing or two no positive online presence over 780,000 fans. AND they put a name to the tweet!
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