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Seven Days of Creation

A short summary of the week of creation

Janine Mozoomdar

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Seven Days of Creation

In the beginning God separated the heavens from the Earth. Yet the earth was dark and formless So that leads to one question, how did God create the Earth that we live on today? Well, He created the earth, all in one week Which we call the week of creation Day 1 The first thing
God did
was He separated the light From the dark And called the light "Day" And the dark "Night" Day The next day, God made a firmament between the midst of water, which separated water from water Then He separated the waters from waters which were under the firmament Day He And God made the waters under Heaven gather in one place and dry land called the dry ground "Earth" He called the gathering of water "Seas" "And the evening and the morning were the second day" Day God then created the sun He made all the stars Throughout all the universe then God "And the evening and the morning were the third day" Day Day God created Then God created Adam and Eve to rule over all
the animals "And the morning an d the evening were the fourth day." were the fifth ning a "Then the mo r nd evening day." He created human in His likeness,
not only to rule over the creatures
of the Earth,
but also to explore the Earth
and fill it with their offspring "Then God saw what He made, and indeed, it was very good." "So "And the evening and morning were the first day" He called the firmament Heavens the the evening m orning were the sixth day." and the Day It was perfect So anyways, God rested, and blessed the seventh day, declaring it holy, since it was the day He rested. Now that God finished the heavens and earth, He was done. Until later, when Adam and Eve got tricked by the devil and ate the fruit, therefore disobeying God's law, and
bringing sin
into the world. . But that's a story for a
different day.... The End Here's how the story goes And that's the story God created many different creatures Then in the waters, land And on the land He created vegetation, grass, herbs , and fruit bearing trees. like... And created moon the God filled the sky with many birds of different kinds all sorts of wonderful and unique animals on the OF CREATION DAYS
By Arielle Janine and
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