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School Social Work

No description

Javaris Quinn

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of School Social Work

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School Social Work
NC Compulsary Law
G.S 155C-378
Every parent, guardian or custodian in this State having charge or control of a child between the ages of seven and 16 years shall cause the child to attend school continuously for a period equal to the time which the public school to which the child is assigned shall be in session. Every parent, guardian, or custodian in this State having charge or control of a child under age seven who is enrolled in a public school in grades kindergarten through two shall also cause the child to attend school continuously for a period equal to the time which the public school to which the child is assigned shall be in session unless the child has withdrawn from school.

Documentation that demonstrates that the parents, guardian, or custodian were notified and that the child has accumulated 10 absences which cannot be justified under the established attendance policies of the local board shall constitute prima facie evidence that the child's parent, guardian, or custodian is responsible for the absences

The McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act is a federal law that ensures immediate enrollment and educational stability for homeless children and youth.
Homeless or displaced is defined a child or youth sharing a housing due to loss of housing, economic hardship or a similar reason
The Struggle
Roles and Responsibilities
Participate in assessment meetings including iep, bip and exceptional child assessments
Work with children in living situation that effect their ability to achieve academically.
Assist in gathering information for social and developmental history
Counseling (group, individual and/or family)
Mobilizing resources to enable the child to achieve academically
Assist in the development of behavior interventions
Back Pack Buddies
The faith food shuttle organization serves 7 counties (Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham, Johnston, Edgecombe, and Nash.) to provide nutritional resources to children and seniors.
Back Pack Buddies provides children weekend meals during the school year.
1 in 4 children are at risk of hunger in North Carolina
During the 2015-16 school year, 2,024 children will be served 74,888 BackPacks at 67 sites across 7 counties
Inter Faith Food Shuttle . (2016, November 2016). Back Pack Buddies . Retrieved from Inter Faith Food Shuttle : http://foodshuttle.org/how-to-help/hold-a-food-drive/
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McKinney-Vento Act
Children and youth sharing housing due to loss of housing, economic hardship or a similar reason
Children and youth living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or camp grounds due to lack of alternative accommodations
Children and youth living in emergency or transitional shelters
Children and youth abandoned in hospitals
Children and youth awaiting foster care placement
Children and youth whose primary nighttime residence is not ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation (e.g. park benches, etc)
Children and youth living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations
School Social Worker vs Counselor
School Social Worker- Main focus is to support children and families with their ability to succeed educationally. This includes allocating resources and advocating for the child and family. The school social worker also provides social and emotional support.

School Counselor- Main focus is to guide children in the appropriate direction when it comes to their education.

Services began independently in New York City, Boston, and Hartford during the 1906-1907 school year.
Settlement workers from the Hartley and Greenwich House felt children from settlements needed additional support
They began sending workers to visit schools in order build relationships between school and home as well as facilitate children's education.
By Javaris Quinn
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