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Sec 20.1 & 20.2 Europeans Settle North America

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Sherifa Amin

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Sec 20.1 & 20.2 Europeans Settle North America

Section 20.3 The Atlantic Slave Trade
Section 20.4 The Columbian Exchange & Global Trade
Europeans grew powerful & wealthy

Spread their languages & Christianity

Death/slavery of Natives Need for African slaves

The Columbian Exchange
Not a lot of gold and silver
So the Portuguese cleared out forest land and created sugar plantations
The Portuguese in Brazil
Section 20.1 Spain Builds an American Empire &
Section 20.2 European Nations Settle North America

Study these two sections from:
Notes taken in class
The Voyages of Columbus
Italian sailor sponsored by the King and Queen of Spain
Columbus sails to the Americas. First as an explorer, later as an empire builder
Spain began to establish colonies in Central and South America
Colonies lands that are controlled by another nation
Spanish conquistadors advance into Central and South America
Hernando Cortes conquers the Aztec
Francisco Pizarro conquers the Inca
Sec 20.1
Sec 20.2
European Nations Settle in North America
The French
The Dutch
The English
British colonists established Jamestown in 1607, named after King James I
Finding gold was more important than growing food
More than half of them died of hunger, disease and battles with Native Americans
The second English colony was founded by the Pilgrims in 1620 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
They were persecuted for their religious beliefs in England & south religious freedom in America
Ten years later, they were joined by the Puritans
British colonies multiplied in the decades that followed
Britain fought & defeated the Dutch & the French for more land
British Expansion in North America
Relations with Native Americans
At first: peaceful trade (fur for guns)
Later fought over land, religion and trading rights
The English had the worst relationship with the Natives. They pushed them off their land as their numbers increased
Regular fights would break out between both
Natives would be taken as slaves; forced to work and farm for the British
Diseases killed more Natives than weapons
For example: in 20 years one tribe's population went from 24,000 to 750 people
Natives dying shortage of labor Europeans (in the North & South) needed people to work turned to Africans
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