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ES ch 22

No description

Amber Dowdy

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of ES ch 22

Early Astronomy our galaxy: Milky Way astronomy: study of universe
astronomy deals with properties of
objects in space & laws under which
the universe operates Aristotle: Earth was round bc it casts a
curved shadow on the moon when it passes between the sun and moon Hipparchus: best known for star catalog ~
determined location of 850 stars geocentric universe: Earth was a sphere that stayed motionless at the center orbit: path an object goes around
another object heliocentric: Earth and other
planets orbit the Sun Copernicus: placed sun at the center of the center
of solar system, planets orbiting around it Brahe: observations of Mars were more precise than any others bulit instruments to measure locations of
stars and planets Kepler built on Brahe's studies and discovered 3 lsaw of motion:
**elipse: oval or oval path Galilei: described behavior of moving objects Newton: 1st to formulate and test law of universal graviation universal gravitation: every body in the universe attracts with every otehr body in teh universe with a forece that is directly proportional to their mass universal law of graviation:
the greater the mass, the greater
its graviational force weight is not the same as mass ~ weight is the force of gravity acting on an object...weight varies with gravitational forces cahgne
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