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Save the Wetlands ELLLLLAAAA

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Ms. McTurk

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of Save the Wetlands ELLLLLAAAA

When You Pick Up Litter...
A Wetland Threat
One of the threats in the wetland is pollution and dumping garbage on or in the wetland. It we don't stop people from doing this it could be a really big threat to us.

This is Why
Why it is a Threat
This is a threat to our wetlands because some of the animals in our wetlands might not know what the garbage is and they might eat it, get sick, and possibly die. Also some of the dangerous garbage might leak out chemicals and the plants might soak it up or the chemicals could rise evaporate in the air and become pollution.
Ways We Can Prevent This
Duck Unlimited
When you pick up your or other peoples litter outside you help prevent it from going into some of the wetland in Alberta.

If garbage did manage to get into our wetlands, it could harm many animals an it could pollute the air and make it hard to breathe.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
When you reduce, reuse or recycle you cut down on garbage a BUNCH. When you reuse things it makes them last that much longer and it makes less garbage to throw out. When you recycle you put your recyclables in a place that you know will be taken care of right. And when you reduce, your just reducing the amount of garbage that you usually have.
Ducks Unlimited conserve, restore and manage wetlands and grasslands to benefit waterfowl, wildlife and people. Their goal is to ensure abundant wetlands and waterfowl for generations to come while improving Canadian lives. That’s why their conservation efforts impact diverse areas across the entire country—including our community. You can join Ducks Unlimited and help conserve wetlands, or if you don't have the time you can donate to Ducks Unlimited and they can use the money to help protect the wetlands themselves
Companies That Help
Some of the companies in Alberta and Canada that help conserve and Protect Wetlands are:
Ducks Unlimited
Alberta Fish and Wildlife Services
Canada Wildlife Services
Canadian Parks and Recreation
Save the Wetlands

Some ways that we can prevent this from happening are:
Pick up any litter that you see on the ground or around your house
Don't litter
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Put up signs to let people know not to harm the wetlands
By: Ella Yau
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