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Emma Newman

on 23 November 2009

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Transcript of Thailand

Thailand Death rate vs. Birth rate Since 1985 to 1996 the death rate has droped throughout the whole kingdom, unfortunatly so has the birth rate.
These graphs show the death rate aswell as the birth rate Evidently the death rate had dropped dramatically; this is a good sign and shows this developing country is on its way to slowly developing As you can see the birth rate has dropped, not as dramatically as death rate but there is a slight decrease, this is fairly normal for a developing country. '.

Life Expentancy through out the world

Pink = Over 80 years old Purple = 77.5-80 years old Dark Blue = 75-77.5 years old Medium Blue = 72.5-75 years old Light Blue = 70-72.5 years old Light Green = 67.5-70 years old Bright Yellow = 60-65 years old Dull Yellow = 55-60 years old Orange = 50-55 years old Bright Red = 45-50 years old Dull red = 40-45 years old Black = under 40 years old Thialand's colour is Medium blue = 72.5-75 years old This image shows that the life expentancy of thialand comapared to the world is fairly neutral and seems normal. As thailand is a developing country it has disadvantages which prevent the poulation from having good health care or housing. This can affect the life expentancy in many ways.
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