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Digital Citizenship: Rings of Responsibility

Day One

Ashley Valenzona

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship: Rings of Responsibility

Digital Citizenship:
Rings of Responsibility It's time for an...
REVIEW! SELF Friends & Family Community Rings
Responsibility The center ring has to do with responsibilities to yourself, such as keeping yourself safe and healthy, and protecting their reputations. The middle ring stands for responsibilities students have to their friends and family such as helping with chores, attending their performances, or just listening to them when they are having problems. The outer ring stands for responsibilities to the larger community, from following rules at school to playing safely at the playground. Key Vocabulary an obligation or duty you have to yourself or others. responsibility: community: a group of people with a common background or shared interests. digital citizen: a member of a worldwide community linked by the internet. I am respectful and kind
when communicating
with others. I never reveal my family's home address. I communicate only with people I know offline. I don't 'tag' my friends in photos or videos unless I have their permission. I never participate in online bullying. I do not believe everything I see on the internet and I think carefully about what I read on the internet and question if it is from a reliable source. I visit websites that are safe and appropriate. I stand up for my friends that are being teased or bullied. I will follow the
do unto to others as you would have them do unto you." I never call people mean names online
and offline. I never share a friend or family member's private information. I balance my time online and offline. Whether it is in the offline world or in the 'digital' online world, YOU are responsible for your OWN behavior. What are the three rings of responsibility? What is the most important responsibility YOU have? What is the most important responsibilities that YOU have to OTHERS? I need 3 volunteers! Now it's ...
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