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Thirteen Reasons Why

No description

aleena bright

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Thirteen Reasons Why

Quote:"My heart doesn't jump. My eyes don't flinch. I don't breathe. And then. I snap my arm back, my elbow into the seat. Then I smash it into the door and I want to pound my head sideways into the window." (Asher 218)
Clay is usually a very calm, collected, well put together boy until he reached his section on Hannah's tapes. His emotions got the better of him and sent him into a fit of rage, from what I'm guessing, guilt of what he couldv'e done to save her.
Thirteen Reasons Why
By: Jay Asher
There is no specific setting in this book other than knowing that these characters live/lived in a small town in California. Hannah takes Clay on a journey around town to tell her story, which I loved because it makes it much more raw; more believable.
Quote: "There's only one post office in town. I wonder if the same clerk helped the other people on the list, those who got this package before me."
Quote:"The first red star. Hannah's old house. There it is. But I don't believe it." (Asher 63)
The message that I interpreted from this novel is that everything you do or say to someone can affect how they feel about themselves and their actions. You have to make sure to be careful of what you say because you never know how weak someone is until one day they're gone.
Quote: "So back it up a bit, this tape isn't about why you did what you did, Alex. It's about the repercussions of what you did. More specifically, it's about the repercussions to me. It's about those things you didn't plan-things you couldn't plan." (Asher 62)
Quote 1:"A rumor based on a kiss started a reputation that other people believed in and reacted to. And sometimes, a rumor based on a kiss has a snowball effect. A rumor, based on a kiss, is just the beginning." (Asher 51)
This rumor about Hannah is what partially began everything. One rumor, about one girl, about one kiss, adding to one event in the distant future of Hannah Baker.
Outside Reading Project
By: Aleena Bright

Shape: Rectangle
Most of you might think the fact that out of all the things I could've picked, I chose a rectangle. But shape represents everything in this novel. A boy named Clay Jensen received a shoe box filled with thirteen cassette tapes. On these tapes, a girl named Hannah Baker explains 13 reasons why she took her life. How I saw that this shape connects to this story is that everything affects everything. Life, in my eyes is not a circle but a rectangle, you go in one direction but end up hitting a wall and you find yourself stuck, so you turn another direction only to be blocked yet again by another wall. So what do you do? Cope? Try again? Give up? Hannah kept trying, trying to see if maybe just once she wouldn't run into a wall. Yet every hit wore her down until she couldn't take it any longer. So that's why I chose this shape, because life is not a roller coaster; it is a box that will suffocate the life out of you if you aren't strong enough. And I don't think anyone is. Let's begin.
Point Of View
Most of the views were shared between Clay & Hannah but I chose to go with Clay. His point of view gave a nice past and future look into Hannah's life through his eyes.
Quote:"When rumors of Hannah's unexplained absence began spreading through school, Mr. Porter asked our class why he kept hearing her name mentioned in the halls. He looked nervous. Almost sick." (Asher 77)
Quote:"I want to push Stop on the Walkman and rewind their whole conversation. To rewind into the past and warn them. Or prevent them from even meeting. But I can't. You can't rewrite the past." (Asher 81)
Quote:"Jessica, my dear, I'd really love to know if you dragged yourself to my funeral. And if you did, did you notice your scar? And what about you-the rest of you-did you notice the scars you left behind?" (Asher 89)
Quote:"I knew it was a joke. One big, fat, happy joke. But what happens when someone says you have the best butt in the freshman class? Let me tell you, Alex, because you'll never know. It gives people-some people-the go ahead to treat you like you're nothing but that specific body part." (Asher 65)
The list that Alex made about Hannah left her to be subjected by other guys at school, the ones that didn't care nor notice what they were doing and how it affected how Hannah felt about herself.
Quote:"My world was collapsing. I needed those notes. I needed any hope those notes might have offered. And you? You took the hope away. You decided I didn't deserve to have it."
When Zach took away Hannah's motivational letters from her peers, it added onto the load of reasons why Hannah couldn't find an excuse to live anymore.
Quote:"Tomorrow I'm getting up, I'm getting dressed, and I'm walking into the post office. There, I'll mail a bunch of tapes to Justin Foley. And after that, there's no turning back. I'll go to school, too late for first period, and we'll have one last day together. The only difference being that I'll know it's the last day. You won't." (Asher 278)
It's all about the choices you make when you come encounter with someone, whether you've never met them or they're your best friend. It's all about circumstance and how to notice when someone desperately needs to be saved.
Quote:"Clay, honey, your name doesn't belong on this list. You don't belong in the same way as the others. But you need to be here if I'm going to tell my story. To tell it more completely." (Asher 222)
Clay was the only good one in Hannah's life. The only one who really cared about her and noticed but never said anything. And that was his fault in her life, not going after her after the last time he saw her. Not telling her everything he'd wanted to.
Quote:"Guess what was right up there in the top five? 'A sudden change in appearance' I tugged on the ends of my newly cropped hair. Huh. Who knew I was so predictable." (Asher 194)
Hannah cut off her hair from an estimation of about a month before committing suicide. This shows how desperate she was for so long for someone to notice that she needed someone to talk to, to trust, to trust her.
Quote:"And once you did it to me, and I realized it, I watched you do it to others. Here, Courtney, is your contribution to the anthology of my life." (Asher 116)
Courtney and Hannah's feud continued until almost the end of the novel. The fact that hannah was being used by Courtney only for the benefit of her reputation crushed hannah, because for once she thought she had a true friend.
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