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Personal Project Presentation Evening Prezi

No description

Ashton O

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Project Presentation Evening Prezi

HOW CAN COMPRESSED AIR BE USED TO EFFICIENTLY POWER A SIMPLE MODEL ENGINE? "air engine"? How my engine works: Potential of the "Air Engine" Process How I answered my question and constructed the engine What is an H.I. Chosen Area of Interaction: Human Ingenuity Why and how do we create? What are the consequences? Origin Process Product Context Impact Development Human Ingenuity Type of "pneumatic actuator" Converts energy in the compressed air Motion to do work Comes in various forms:
Two cylinder"Pachasa" engine http://www.modelenginenews.org/pachasa/images/rjs_pachasa2.jpg 5 Cylinder Radial Engine http://home.ctlnet.com/~robotguy67/classic_cars/air_engines/V-Twins/air_engines.htm Rotary Piston + 6 cylinder expansion engine http://pesn.com/2006/05/11/9500260_Engineair_Compressed-Air_Motor/ What I have learned from this project: Communication Better time and resource managment Advice for Grade 9's: Nothing can replace practical "in the lab" knowledge Stage 1: Intake Stage 2: rOTATION sTAGE 3: fLYWHEEL mOMENTUM pART 4: "eXHAUST" STROKE Inspiration for this Project Area of personal interest

Saw a video of air-engine buggy and asked "If he can do it, why can't I?"
http://pesn.com/2006/05/11/9500269_Engineair_Compressed-Air_Motor/Engineair_Prototype_600.jpg http://www.carazed.com/wp-content/2008/07/aircar.jpg Super-High Efficency Air-Powered Car Engine Nearly 10 times better running cost efficency
No "exhaust"- only air is released Air Car Concept The MDI "Airpod" http://www.treehugger.com/mdi-new-air-powered-vehicle.jpg Start reserach early and use all your time wisely. Get your parents and family involved! Have a plan A, B, C, D.... Ask your advisor for tips on everything you do. Evaluate deadlines as you progress to ensure they are reasonable. Go and TALK to people who might be able to help you. Parts in the initial kit
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