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Arduino Tetris Game

No description

Hugo Argueta

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Arduino Tetris Game

To be able to create a worthy game that would receive an A in class.
To understand what goes on behind a video game after playing video games my entire childhood
To have a sense of accomplishment and demonstrate the knowledge we obtained throughout the semester
Fundamental Ideas/Concepts
Team Member Contribution
Purchased the mini Smart GPU
Obtained and edited the code
Provided laptop and IDE

Wired the connections of the Arduino
Purchased a separate case of electrical wires and bigger breadboard.
Managed to correctly wire the Arduino to the breadboard and connect the mini Smart GPU
Edited and completed the code to provide the functionality of the video game.
Able to successfully play a demo of the game
Arduino Tetris Game
Project Objective
The objective of the project was to successfully build a playable Arduino powered Tetris game that would be displayed on a miniSmart GPU LCD.
Ohm's Law
- states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference across the two points.

Ohm's law relateds to our project because it involves electrical circuitry. Electricity is required in order for the project to function, the electricity would flow from the arduino through the medium of electrical wires that would provide power to the bread board. The power will then flow throughout the breadboard and power on the mini smart GPU thus allowing it to display the Tetris game.
Project Components
Arduino Microcontroller
- Supplies a current to the breadboard and processes the code used in the project.
- Supplies current to the push buttons and LCD screen.
Push Buttons
- The Tetris game is playable through these buttons.
Mini SmartGPU
- Displays the Tetris game.
Team members: Hugo Argueta & Joseph Molina
Link to our video:
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