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The Outsiders Literary Elements

No description

Ada Naab

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders Literary Elements

The Outsiders Literary Elements
"He would kill the next person who jumped him."(p.34)
- Johnny will kill someone later on

"They couldn't get worse. I was wrong."(p.52)
- Things get worse later on
"The other Soc, a tall guy with a Semi-Beatle haircut, turned to Marcia."(p.44)
- Beatles were in the past, and they are making a reference
"So Eden sake to grief."(p.77)
- Refers to the Garden of Eden
"I couldn't have gotten much cooler without turning into a popsicle."(p.53)
-Ponyboy was comparing himself to a popsicle because he was so cold without using like or as

"Soda's moviestar kind of handsome."(p.??)
- Comparing Soda to a moviestar
"Dally handed me a shirt about sixty-million sizes too big."(p.61)
- Ponyboy is exaggerating about how the shirt was too big

"Cherrry sighed in relief. 'Thanks. He had me scared to death.'" (p.25)
- Cherry was exaggerating about how scared she was.
"I looked fearfully over my shoulder and there was Two-Bit, grinning like a Chessy cat."(p.27)
-Ponyboy was comparing Two-Bit to the cat character in the non-fictional book/movie Alice and Wonderland
" Her early leaf's a flower"
- When the author is refering to mother nature. Mother nature is not living
"He's got eyes that are like 2 pieces of blue-green ice."(p.6)
-Ponyboy is trying to describe how beautiful his eyes are

"Soda had broken down and bawled like a baby;"(p.98)
-Soda cried a lot.
"Her hardest hue to hold."(p. 77)
- Gold is rare in nature and temporary

"So dawn goes down to day"(p. 77)
- Sunrise is beautiful and brief
-Describing how the gold can not last forever and will be replaced by the oridinary
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