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Greens Marketing Plan

No description

Miki Ma

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Greens Marketing Plan

Obj: Metro Vancouver’s
Zero Waste Challenge Mission Statement SWOT ANALYSIS Marketing Objective Young Green Streamers Innovatif Marketing
Consultant Agency Marketing Plan
Miki Ma
Cecily Zhu
Gordon Yet
Mitch Felker
Lawrence Zou Fair Price Healthy and
Environmental- Friendly
Products Friendly and
helpful services Greens’ brand identity STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES campaigns and promotions in areas of high traffic in 2013 OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Competitive Analysis Greens’ distribution promoting our products and offering promotional material of our passion for organic produce in 2013 IMC Strategy Distribution Pricing Strategy Product Strategy Target Market Profit-oriented store Status quo
pricing strategy Seasonal discounts Value-based pricing
Produce is healthy
environmentally friendly Quality of produce offered and its branding Features of the products and Greens' Staff Knowledge Classification of the Product – 100% Organic and locally grown produce

Branding Strategy – promote what Greens offers that other supermarkets do not.

Product Life-Cycle – Growth stage.

Strategies - Promotes that they are a pure organic grocery and every product in stock is certified organic. Conclusion GREENS Acquire.... Prospectively..... No advantage on price
Being organic is not an advantage Demographic Age: 25-34 Just settled down
Individualized Lifestyle Geographic Regions: Point Grey & Kitsilano Proximity
Purchasing Power Psychographic Lifestyle: Healthy & Change our perception on how we position greens. Environmental Values "Organic "
Commit to Reduce Waste Low price vs High price
Young, trendy shopping style vs Traditional, old-fashioned shopping style Energetic, helpful employees
Store design is well organized, convenient ,customer friendly
Local source
Young and Trendy Greens' Advantages Reach more consumers
Reduce costs Unique Selling Proposition To appeal as young and trendy organic store, which brings a new individualized shopping experience to the customers Currently...
- Consumer Channel- Maximize Customer Reach Online Shopping
Order Pick-ups Satisfy fast-paced lifestyles
Customized Shopping experience Reduce Costs Supplier- Small Organic Farms
Become Manufacturer Cost Effective
Exclusive Products Prospectively... - Direct Channel- Public Relations Sponsorship Consumer Education Personal Selling Relationship Selling Relationship Building Show positive spirit
Solid knowledge
Constant feedback Institutional Advertising Sales Promotion Advertising Channels Newspaper Radio Internet Brand Name
Product Advantages
Community Initiatives Encourage Consumer Action Coupons Rebates Samples Point of Purchase Organic Trend
Optimal Location
Health Conscious
Low Competition
Community Involved Higher Price Point
Uneducated Consumers
Limited Supply
Independent - Small Image Appeal to Higher Class
Geographic Location
Female Market
Rapid Growth Low Market Share
Large Chains
Lower Yield
Regulations Objective maintain a positive image of having an awareness of being healthy and environmental
building brand recognition and brand loyalty -CORE- -ACTUAL- -AUGMENTED- Langara College
Marketing 1115 Section 009 March 25, 2013
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