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Computer Apps Practice Kayla.!♥

Computer Apps Practice Kayla.!♥

Kayla Barwick

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Computer Apps Practice Kayla.!♥

Computer Applications Prezi
Introduction Project Author: Kayla Barwick Write the name of you favorite ice cream flavor below this text.
Then make that text about twice the size of this text.
Finally, rotate the text 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to this text. Insert WRITE Insert an arrow, pointing to the "Insert" title above.
Now go to the Waverly Middle School webpage and find a picture of the middle school. Save the picture in your computer apps folder by right clicking and selecting "save as"
Finally, click the "add file" button in the Insert module and browse for the picture you just saved. Insert it into this prezi. Add the title "Waverly Middle School" on top of the picture. Frame Create a fram around these words:
"Mr. Sicilia is
If you do this correctly you prezi will zoom into these words so that they take up the entire screen when in "show" mode. Path Now I want you to change the paths of this presentation by clicking on the path module in the menu.
In the Path module there is a button labeled "Delete All", click this button to delete the current path.
now slect "1-2-Add" from the Path module and begin a new path starting with the title of this section, the blue "Path" above. Continue making paths in the following order
1. Path Title
2. Path text
3. Frame Title
4. Frame Text
5. "Mr. Sicilia is Awesome" Frame
6. Insert Title
7. Arrow pointing to title
8. Insert Text
9. Picture of Middle School
10. Write Title
11. Write text
12. Favorite Ice Cream
13. Prezi Title
14. Author

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Waverly Middle School
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