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Silent Generation

No description

Morgan Mobley

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Silent Generation

Silent Generation 67 - 87 years old Approximate age 1925 - 1945 Very Gentle
Social Stewardship
Extremely Money Conscious Typical Characteristics (Church Oriented) Clubs were extremely popular Interests The Beatles were huge
Rock stars like :
Bob Dylan
Jimi Hendrix
Elvis Presley Popular Bands / Music Soul Music/ Rhythm & Blues
Ray Charles
Little Richard
James Brown
Marvin Gaye
Tina Turner And Movie Stars :
Marilyn Monroe
Clint Eastwood
James Dean Very limited jobs due to the great depression
Most everyone worked in factories Source Of Income Great Depression contributed a lot to how this generation deals with there money
Many people were left with nothing at all
Very money conscious Greatest Social & Economic Concerns How much they cost
How easy it is to use What issues regarding products might be important to this generation? The corner grocery store
Usually family owned Where they do the majority of there shopping? Dentures
Medications/ Prescription deals
Senior Discounts
Retirements options/Homes What type of products are targeted specifically towards this age group? They will purchase only if necessary for them to have/use
Don't have a lot of excess stuff laying around How would this group typically make decisions regarding purchases? This generation highly values personal testimony
Don't like to be rushed into buying
Ex; "Last time to act!!!!"
Want to have a sense of connectedness with the product
Don't really like the adds that a directed towards calling them "grandparents" don't like using that term What would be some buying motives that a marketer could use to stimulate a purchase in this age group? Gas or Electric Stoves
Electric refrigerators
Toasters Important Products & food back then Yoo-Hoos
Gummy Bears
Krispy Kreme
Chocolate Covered Preztels
Ready to cook foods
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