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Presentations of the biological basis of psychological function... includes study of consciousness.

Derek Miller

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Consciousness

Topic: Perception
Page: R30
We will...
Describe general principles of organizing and integrating sensation to promote stable awareness of the external world (e.g. Gestalt principles, Depth perception); Describe how experience and culture can influence perceptual processes (e.g. perceptual set, context effects); Explain the role of top-down processing in producing vulnerability to illusion; Discuss the role of attention in behavior
Finish Perception Activities
Unit 5 Writing Three
For the Preview on L30, answer the following question: "Is depth imborn or is it learned by experience? Why do you think this?"
"Connections" Page:
Perceptual "Collage"... Illustrations of Perceptual Principles
Chapter 5 Vocabulary due Mon./Tue., 12/5-12/6; Unit 5 Diagnostic Quiz 1 on Mon./Tue., 12/5-12/6
States v. Levels
Circadian Rhythms
manages biological "clock"
Sleep and Dreams
Basic Characteristics:
Move in and out of STAGES
Why do We Dream?
"Royal Road to the Unconscious"
Manifest Content...
Latent Content...
Problem-Solving (Cognitive) Theory
Activation-Synthesis Theory
(Hobson & McCarley, 1977)
Sleep Disorders
Sleep Apnea
Night Terrors
At the time of the following dream, Doris S. was an 18-year-old woman living in a rural area. She was getting ready to graduate from high school and begin the long road toward a medical degree (she would have been the first child in her family to become a doctor) when she found out that she was pregnant. Her parents were not yet aware of the situation and she and her boyfriend were in the midst of deciding whether to try to arrange an abortion or to get married, though the latter option meant the end of her medical school aspirations. Beyond these rather unfortunate problems, Doris lived a very normal life and had never experienced serious psychological problems.
"I am at my friend Betty's house. I call Ann up to make an appointment to get my hair highlighted. I speak to the receptionist at the beauty parlor. I speak in a Russian accent. She asks when I can come. I say in a couple of days. I think that might be Wednesday. She asks 'Are you sure because we are changing things around here; implying that it won't be good if I change my mind and cancel the appointment. After speaking to her, I realize that I don't need to have my hair highlighted yet, because my hair hasn't grown out yet. But George and I go on the 'A' train to the beauty parlor. It goes through a neighborhood that I have never seen before. The train travels outside. George gets out at a stop as if he nonchalantly is doing something. The train leaves without him. I wave to him and feel bad that he is not on the train." (Ullman, 1986, p. 539).
Getting Started:
Agenda (11/17/17):
1. Please put phone in bag, bag off to side or back of room;
2. Have your binder with you to put Unit Five/Six Cover Page in to it
Introduction to Consciousness... sort of
- Activity... NO, it's not sleeping; NO, we are not taking the day off!
- Activity... Meditation... sort of
- TED Ed Talk - "What is Consciousness?"... if time

Getting Started:
Agenda (11/28/17):
1. Please put phone in bag, bag off to side or back of room;
2. Have your binder with you for taking notes;
3. Feel free to start on the "Owl or Lark" Questionnaire in the Question in Classroom

Opening Activities...
- "Owl or Lark" Questionnaire
- Discuss "Zombie Teen" Article
Target SC1 - Consciousness, Sleep, Dreams
- Lecture... Discussion
- Stages of Sleep Demonstration
Small Group Discussion over Dream Theories (if time)
Getting Started:
Agenda (11/30/17):
1. May use phone OR Chromebook, but please NOT both
2. bag off to side or back of room;
2. Have your binder open to the Sleep and Dreams notes from last class.
Dream Theories...
- Your own dream (notebook page L?)
- Research... Share
Target SC2 - Altered States of Consciousness
- Handout... Discussion
- Brief Lecture on brain "Reward Center"
- Set up for tomorrow
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