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Don't feed the seagulls

Don't feed the seagulls or the going to eat whales

kamyoshi is cool:)

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Don't feed the seagulls

Hungry Seagulls Human have put lots of food garbage on
beaches and in the oceans. After eating our food garbage they start to have a taste for meat.Then their diet changes and they prey on young whales in their birthing areas near the shore. seagull eating whale Whales give birth where
seagulls attack them. Pick up food scraps you see, and put up signs
that say:"DON'T FEED THE SEAGULLS!" By: Kameron and Edward DON'T FEED
THE SEAGULLS yuck! Thank you 1 2. tell people you see feeding seagulls
how this can affect whales. 2. If you see people feeding seagulls tell them
how this can affect whales. 1. Don't leave food garbage where seagulls
can get it. 3. I pledge not to feed the seagulls and leave
garbage on beaches and in the ocean. I pledge to pick up food scraps on the beaches. I pledge to tell people who are littering and feeding the seagulls how this can affect whales. Mostly right whales are attacked by seagulls. Watch the seagulls in this video. Most of the trash is from in the ocean thats
getting washed apon shore this is called the
"The Garbage Vortex" we want this not this
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