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Near Sighted

No description


on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Near Sighted

What does it mean to be near sighted?

Myopia's effects
Myopia causes your eyes to focus on near sighted objects but can't focus on far sighted objects
Myopia's Cause
Near Sighted
LASIK Eye Procedure
LASIK eye surgery is a simple solution to myopia. The Surgery adjusts the shape of the cornea to properly focus light rays on the retina and removes the need to wear contact lenses or glasses
Also known as Myopia is the most common refractive error of the eye

Often found in children and can progress into adulthood

Can be easily treated with contact lenses or wearing glasses

Myopia is caused by an over sized eye ball. Light rays enter the cornea and travel through the pupil and lens and focuses precisely on retina at the back of the eye ball creating a focused image. However when affected, the eye ball is too long causing the focus to not align on the retina thus creating a blurry image
How to fix it
Contact lenses are an easy fix, the lenses is places on the eye and diverges the light focus further into the eye creating a clear image
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