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2 Slide Article Presentation By Weslee Daniel and Alexus Reese

No description

Alexus Reese

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of 2 Slide Article Presentation By Weslee Daniel and Alexus Reese

Slide 1: Main idea
The main idea of this passage is to explain why Disney movies premote "beautiful as good" stereotype. Children have rated that they like attractive people more than they like unattractive people. It explains that children under the age of 6 have already developed a biased opinion towatd "beauty as good". This then explains that Disney has a "beauty as good" stereotype, which means that Disney portrays that beauty is better than ugliness.
Slide 2: Opinion
We think that this article is not true because usually people tend too want to be friends with the attractive people, but we dont belueve that Disney is the one who portrays the opinion. Just because Disney usually tries to make the prince or princess pretty, that doesn't mean that people turn to the prettier people because they look like Cinderella or Ariel. We don't know what causes this biased opinion, but we don't believe that Disney is the one portraying that opinion.
Slide 2 Continuation
The article helped me understand that we shouldn't be friends with the people who are more attractive. We should accept people on how they are. It also helps me see that the world is based off stereotypes and that we need to change the way people see things. This might change my thinking in that I will be more aware of not judging people by their looks, but their personality. I will also try to make friends with all types of people.
Slide 1 continuation
Researchers showed a group of children pictures of different types of kids. The children were then asked which child they wanted to be friends with. Seventy-eight percent of the children picked the more attractive children to be their friend over the unattractive ones.
sTEREOTYPE 2 Slide Article Presentation !
Last Part of Slide 2
We should ask ourselves if the person we choose to be friends with is a loyal friend, not jus a "good-looking" friend. We need to ask ourselves if the person is friendsly and nice on the inside, not just if they are pretty or handsome on the outside.
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