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Durex Proposal

Durex CRM Proposal from PWA

Nuno Queiros

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Durex Proposal

Solution Overview Solution steps Planning phase Proposed Solution Overview: Solution plan Timeline PWA China Precision Marketing Experts Company History Solution Agenda 1 - Durex Requirements Durex CRM Solution Proposal Exclusive partner in Direct Mailing Started as an integral part of TNT Group

Entered Chinese Market in 2005 as Direct mailing Expert

Since then have expanded offered service scope

With more than 30 years global experience and 8 years in local market Headquarters and Call Center (400 seats) in Kunshan, with 5 branches (Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, Chengdu and Dalian)

Services provided to more than 76 cities nationwide Major Clients A) Overview;
B) Phases:
Planning phase;
Setup phase;
On-going services;
Customer Insight. 3 - Solution Timeline 4 - Quotation Durex Requirements Customer data collection from online channels, stored in a single point;

Data cleaning and integration to obtain customer 360° view;

Build and manage a Customer Centralized Database (CCDB);

Implement precise campaigns using appropriate fulfillment channels;

Improve interaction with customers by creating:
Customized Durex mobile application (App);
Loyalty club member zone website;

Accurate and periodic reporting;

Increase in sales levels while steadily recruiting new members. Setup phase On-going services Customer Insight Quotation Summary Setup phase Build Customer Central Database On-going services Customer Insight Analysis: Planing phase Thank you! Q & A Nuno Queiros
Assistant BD Manager 2 - Proposed Solution: Quotation Breakdown Consultancy services (Analysis to prepare complete solution) 1 month.

Setup (build the database; data cleanup and integration; prepare CRM platform, mobile app and member website; test) 3 months.

On-going (Manage customer data, loyalty club and points redemption; campaign management, fulfillment and evaluation; mobile marketing push and periodic activity reports)

Analysis (Basket analysis, response model and more accurate customer segmentation) 6 months after implementation. Analize Evaluate Deliver Understand business requirements and current processes

Analyze available sales data

Analyze available customer profile

Online customer distribution Customer volume

Amount of sales

Return of Investment

Other KPI's Membership / Loyalty Program

Point rule, incentive and redemption program

Member level definition

Recruitment process

Communication plan Integrate Data Clean Data Capture Customer Online Data Customer 360° View Smarelation Platform Platform Setup Member Zone Setup Member App Setup Test and Training Data Hosting Member Zone
Member Points Campaign Management Mobile App Marketing Reporting Member Segmentation Basket Analysis Response Model 1) Connect with 3rd party databases;

2) Setup a data stream channel; 3) Process, clean and integrate all data;

4) Build data into a Centralized Consumer Database (CCDB). Collected information will be of 3 types:

A) Member information (Name, address, e-mail, phone number...);

B) Item data (stock levels, product details...);

C) Sales order (sales follow-up process until delivery). After receiving all data, this needs to be analysed and "cleaned". Use PWA Data Cleaning Process (DCP):

Standardize received information;

Flag invalid data, correct when possible;

Apply data filtering rules Integrate and merge duplicate customer data (same customer, different channels) Using simple methods:
Same Name / Mobile number / E-mail / Address Merge all details into single DB entry (360° View) Build online customer profile Better understanding of customer Better communication and customer interaction PWA Smarelation Platform: Features: Customer management:
(basic info, purchase and contact history, points & redemption)
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