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Sea Lamprey

No description

Nick Ewaisuk

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Sea Lamprey

Sea Lamprey The sea lamprey is a parasitic lamprey found on the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America, in the western Mediterranean Sea, and in the Great Lakes. A sea lamprey resembles a eel but is considered a jawless fish. How did it get to Canada? The sea lamprey got to the great lakes in the 1800 thorugh man made locks and shipping canals. it then made it through the welland canal in 1829 They first site of lamprey in lake ontario in the 1830's it then moved into lake erie in 1921 then to lake michigan in 1937 then lake huron in 1937 and finaly got to lake superior in 1938 Fish that were attacked
by Sea Lampreys Before the welland canal Niagra Falls acted
as a natural barrier to keep the sea lampreys
out of the great lakes What impacts has the lamprey have on native species? this is two lampreys eating off one fish Lampreys have had a huge impact on the great lakes fishery. they feed on all fish in the great lakes such as trout,salmon,rainbow trout, white fish, chubs, burbot, walleye, and catfish. before the lampreys got into the great lakes the average weight of fish per year was 15 million after it was 300, 000 pounds. Before:
Lake huron 3.4 million pounds in 1937
Lake michigane 5.5 million 1946
lake superior 4.5 million After:
Lake huron almost nothing in 1947
Lake michigan 402 pounds 1953
lake superior 368,800 pounds At the time of the hihest invasion of lamprey 85% of fish somehow not killed had lamprey wounds Why did the lamprey
Come to Canada? On average a lamprey can eat 40 pounds of fish! Life Cycle A sea lamprey is both a freash water and salt water fish they start out in freash water and feed on fish for 4-5 years. They then move to salt water and feed on fish for another 4-5 years after the five years are up they go back to fresh water and spawn then die. The sea lamprey came to canada because the canel was made and they found their way through to the great lakes where there was plenty of food and less competition. Lampreys are native to the
Atlantic Ocean. Controlling Sea Lamprey Lampricides:Scientist find were the sea lamprey are spawning then. They then spray the area with a chemical that causes the lamprey eggs to die. this isthe most effective conrol of sea lamprey but is very expensive Barriers: They are a speciallly designed gate that does not allow the lamprey to get to the spawning grounds but allow other fish to pass throught. This is the cheapest form of lamprey control. Sterile-Male-Release Program:They catch male sea lampreys steralize them relase them back into the water in hopes that this will slow down spawning and cut the population down.
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