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Entrepreneurship Management - ESC Rennes School of Business

Kélian Lalloué

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of MONARTISAN.FR

Web Collaborative concept

Developing talents
Market Issues
Collaborative company trend

Attractive Market
Kélian Lalloué
Joly Maxime
Renouard Lucie
Chacin Annelisse


Unprofessionnal Work
Increase of the black market

Professional Work

High Taxes
Everyone does not have
the network
#1 company in France

Skilled People

Administrative Procedure

Offer – Demand matching
Create Job opportunities
Free and easy to use
Website creation : 5000€
Premium Account
8000 visitors = 2000€ per month
" Sell ​​your skills "
Monartisan.fr is a business idea that was developed to create a platform where offer and demand of customer to customer services are matching.

The objective of this web site is to promote talents of person that have skills without being professional.
When someone needs to paint a room he looks for a person with abilities to do it.

So he is front of two options:

1. Call on professional painter’s services = Expensive price + heavy administrative procedures;

2. Deal with craftsman in the black market, but how to find this specific skilled person if you don’t have the network?

It’s in this specific market area that MONARTISAN.FR was born. The aim of our company is to provide a web collaborative concept to answer this customer’s need.
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