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Inventory and Point of Sale System

No description

Ran Andrew Abad

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Inventory and Point of Sale System

Team T.R.E.E
Inventory and Point of Sale System
Specific Objectives
Significance of Study
To understand how business work to design an appropriate computerized system.
To enhance the service offered by the Wynn’s Pharmacy.
Scope and
Definition of Terms

Point of Sale
- is the place where a retail transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services.

–is the process of making an itemized list supplies in hand.

Data Integrity
– refers to the validity of data, meaning data is consistent and correct.

Supplier’s information
– supplier’s background.

Critical Level
– is the minimum amount of inventory you should have on hand.

Product information
– product’s background.

Methodology of the Study
Prototype Model
Information system
is the study of complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organizations use to collect, filter, and process, create and distribute data.
Statement of Objectives
General Objectives
To develop and implement an Inventory and Point of Sale System that will amend the current system of Wynn’s Pharmacy.

Transaction Process System(TPS)
Inventory System
Point of Sale System
is the most useful device that ever made by man. Computers today are now used as a substitute to manual process.
To develop a module that will monitor the critical level of each product.
To develop a module that will monitor the expiration date of each product.
To develop a module that will be used for keeping and storing the entire products information.
To implement a module to generates and print a sales report of the sold item.
To implement a module that will append supplier information.
To implement a module that will generate a report of purchase order from the supplier.
To implement a module that will append information for the new user.
To implement an authentication module for security of Wynn’s Pharmacy.
- this will help minimize their task and speed up the processing of information.

- through this system study, the owner will evaluate or assess the performance of the current used system and be able to find out the common problems that arise.

Administrator / Owner
Can be able to login the system and access the database; can add, search, and update products, supplier and employee. The administrator can also view the products that reach its critical level and expiration date. Print the sales, and purchase order reports in the system, and the administrator cannot be accessed by the cashier.

Employees login to a separate account but it has a limit access in the system. The cashier can view, and search the product in the database and the product reach its critical level and expiration date. Cashier receives the cash from the customer and calculating the change and is able to print the receipts.
• System can only be accessed offline

• System can only receive cash

• System cannot receive amounts on a
credit card basis

• System cannot monitor all the expenses of the Wynn’s Pharmacy

• Back-up of the system is not available

• System will not cover any reservation of product

• Any Human business related errors are not the responsibility of the system
The Stepwise approach to
design a software prototype:
• Basic Requirements Gathering and Quick Designing.

• Developing the initial Prototype.

• Review of the Prototype.

• Revise and enhance the Prototype.

• Engineering product.
Data Gathering Procedure and Output
for this research were collected using an observation, survey questionnaire. The questionnaire was created using suitable questions modified from the related research and individual questions formed by the proponents. The questionnaire was comprised of 10 questions, which were related to the background of the company. The proponents conduct an interview to all personnel in the store related in transaction of customer to cashier and the transaction done by the owner. The proponents also understood the problems of the Wynn’s Pharmacy encounter especially in the inventory of all products and sales reports due to manual system of the store.
The Wynn’s Pharmacy is currently using a manual system. They are using Microsoft Excel for their inventory, sales record, reports and other more. Wynn’s Pharmacy started this kind of process since they opened, a very time consuming process that they way to eliminate or to improve. Every time the customer bought something, the employee needs to write all the products in their logbook that the customer bought to them. When they are close already, the total sales on their logbook must match the total sale on their cash register. Wynn’s Pharmacy need to do inventory from time to time just to check the availability and the expiration date of their products and for them it is very hassle because they need to give more effort and time just to do such thing like that.
Company Background
The Wynn’s Pharmacy started on May 2013 and it’s owned by Edwin and Helen Magsalin. They are from U.S.A. and live there by almost 30 years. Edwin Magsalin had a chance to work there in different companies and his job is always related in a computer world and his wife Helen Magsalin is a Dental Manager in one of the company there namely West Coast Dental.

They shared to us that in Los Angeles where they lived, most of the business name there are starting with letter “W” and most of them are successful. So, it inspired them and got the idea to think a business name for their pharmacy that also start with letter “W”. It helped them to decide for their business name when one time they go to Las Vegas and they saw the name and the logo of Wynn’s Hotel, they think that it’s perfect for their business because one of the owner namely Edwin is sounds like “Wynn’s” and it also start with letter “W” so for them it looks very nice and unique to be the name of their Pharmacy business. When the time they applied for the business name in Department of Trade and Industry (D.T.I) the department told them to give ten (10) business name they wanted and after processing what they’re applying for, only the name “Wynn’s” Pharmacy is granted. So for them, that name is the right one and perfect name for their business.

Inside the pharmacy, Alma Fausto is taking the managerial position and she is the one taking care of the money, needs and concerns of the employees and giving feedbacks to the owner regarding the sales and the flow of the pharmacy. Meynard is the Pharmacist and another employee is Rowena Gallios and she is the assistant of the Pharmacist. Including them is Ruben Fausto, the husband of Alma Fausto. Ruben is the Maintenance worker of the Pharmacy.

The owners have a plan to open another branch soon, but for now their focus is on the first branch which is the Wynn’s Pharmacy. When the time comes that they think they need to extend or open another branch, they are so willing to do it. The Pharmacy open’s at 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening. It is open every day except for Christmas and New Year Day and it depends on the holiday/occasions. Edwin had the idea to put up this kind of business. For them, it is just a try, if the said business doesn’t click they will close it but if the pharmacy goes well they will go for it. And now, their hard works prevail! The Pharmacy is doing well and in such time they will open another branch somewhere in Mindanao Ave., Quezon City. The estimated capital for this business is Five hundred thousand pesos (P500, 000). Rules and regulations of the company is very simple, all employees must do their job professionally for the sake of the company and the customers.

Statement of the Problem
The Proponents chose to have an Inventory and Point of Sale System for Wynn’s Pharmacy. The Point of Sale and Inventory System is very effective in this kind of business because of its nature of selling products and transacting with customers and its ability to minimize the work and time of the user.

The main goal of the study is to implement better and accurate Inventory and Point of Sale System that will handle tasks in a much more saving time and effort. Having computerized Point of Sales and inventory will improve manual system which is time consuming and less efficient.

General Problem
How to develop and implement a computerized Point of Sale and Inventory System that will amend the current system of Wynn’s Pharmacy?
Specific Problem
• How to develop a module that will monitor the critical level of each products?

• How to develop a module that will be used for keeping and storing the entire product’s information?

• How to implement a module to generates or produce a sales report of the sold items?

After identifying the problem encounter by the proponents host company, the proponents come up with the following solution that will improve the manual system of Wynn’s Pharmacy. In this phase the proponents are required to provide complete and clearly outlined specifications that state what the system should be. The proponents used the following tools such as data flow diagram, context flow diagram, and entity - relationship diagram to translate the software analysis into its design. After the proposed system was developed, it was tested using sample input data based on the current system and eventually actual data from the system. The system is maintained in this phase until it is implemented. This will be used to familiarize the users with the different function and features of the system.
System Overview
The proponents therefore want to implement a computerized system from the manual process which the company used in order save records for their sales and purchases. This computerized system will help the company to maintain and track records of the counter sales, purchases, monitor the critical level and expiration date of the products, supplier and printing receipts, and sales report.

Inventory and Point of Sale System helps the company to improve productivity, convenience and efficiency for both the company and customers. This kind of system is designed to help people improve services and to increase profit and can easily make reliable and timely decisions.

Process Specification
Process Specification
Data Dictionary
A data dictionary is a collection of descriptions of the data objects or items in a data model for the benefit of programmers and others who needs to refer to them or the dictionary of data is at a time the pillar of work and the result of research and analysis of data. It is just like a depicted picture of the entire work. This dictionary of data defines all categories of data or data types, brief the all essential information about the software is included.
Data Dictionary
CFD Manual
DFD Manual
Data Dictionary
Data Specification
Entity Relationship Diagram
An entity-relationship diagram (ERD) is crucial to creating a good database design. It is used as a high-level logical data model, which is useful in developing a conceptual design for databases.

An entity is a real-world item or concept that exists on its own. Entities are equivalent to database tables in a relational database, with each row of the table representing an instance of that entity.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Database Design
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