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Tech Presentation

Technology Presentation for MEGA

Jonathan List

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Tech Presentation

Technology at a 1:1 Early College High School (What we do) Why Teach Moodle & Online Reading? More classes are being offerred online as colleges are facing budget cuts and record enrollment
Many of the students at the EECHS are already in online classes and have difficulty completing some assignments because of a lack of online reading skills
Students will be engaged in online classes sooner or later How? Work with the technology department at the school
Setup a MOODLE server (Open Source, free of Cost beyond man-hours)
Integrated into the classroom Teach students digital citizenships and online skills through content lessons
Setup a webquest as a possible exercise for online literacy
Webquest can focus on content, but integrate digital literacy
Integrate technology into as many assignments as possible.
Activity: Read through the introductory list of online reading skills (http://tr.im/mega_handout) skills, and think of ideas to integrate teaching online reading in your school or classroom.
If you come up with an idea or two, see how many ideas you can come up with to integrate teaching online reading into your school / classroom. Backchannel:
username: megabl
Password: turtles1 Making Sense of Online Reading Regular day in Mr. List's AVID Class Arrive to class, turn on laptop, Login to Moodle
Check Moodle to Identify today's content
Follow links and complete assignments Twitterpated... Twitter allows students to ask questions outside of class
Twitter allows for collaboration in a unique way Brent Bryant
SL : Clyde Nootan
Jonathan List
Twitter: @jlist_eechs
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