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This is my Non-Fiction project for E.L.A.

Ahamed Arif

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of ANIME

BY: AHAMED ARIF 802 TYPES OF ANIME TABLE OF CONTENTS ADVENTURE MAHOU-SHOUJO DRAMA COMEDY Anime that are labeled comedy or are found in the comedy section tend to be really funny. What I mean is that anime that are labeled comedy are hilarious.
I say this because all the comedy anime I watched were all hilarious, and I watched a lot of comedy anime. One example of this is in the anime Akikan. In this anime this boy in high school goes and buys a can of lemon soda. But as soon as he touches the can with his mouth the comedy part of the anime begins. A girl comes alive as soon as he touches the can with his lips. He gets beaten up by that girl. Suddenly his face is swollen. The next minute he is invited into this game only to find out that he has to play it in real life and has to risk his life. He accepts the invitation only to get beaten up again. As you see the anime is really funny. Some of my favorite comedy anime are Akikan, 07 Ghost and Angel Beats. ACTION Anime that are labeled an action anime are mostly about fighting. Some action anime have a little romance in it. Other action anime have a lot of romance in it. An example of this is in the anime Fairy Tail. In that anime there are almost no romance. What I mean is that in that anime it is all about fighting and barely about romance. Another anime that I watched, Demonbane, has a lot of romance in it. But it also has a lot of fighting in it too. Some of my favorite action anime are Demonbane, Fairy Tail, and Fullmetal Alchemist. DEFINITIONS Anime that are labeled an adventure anime are all about someone, something, or a group of adventurers who goes on a lot adventures. One example of this is in one anime I watched. The anime is called One Piece. In the anime One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy is on a quest to become the king of pirates. The anime is labeled an adventure anime because in order to find the great treasure-One Piece-and become the pirate king he has to go through a lot of journeys. Some of my favorite adventure anime are Sword Art Online, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. As I said before mahou-shoujo stands for magical girl. But, sometimes in anime the mahou-shoujo could also be a magical boy. One example of this is in the anime Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? What that means is that the whole anime is all about a magical girl and a magical boy. But, the anime above is an exception. What I means is that the anime above isn't just about a magical girl and a magical boy, in fact it is about a vampire, a necromancer, a fairy, and a lot more. Dramatic anime are anime that are really sad in the end. What I mean is that all dramatic anime aren't always sad in the beginning just like they aren't always happy in the beginning. What I mean is that in one anime that I have already watched - AnoHana - the anime starts with a sad beginning. What I mean is that the anime starts by talking about one of the six childhood friend dying and how she appeared before the other 5 as a ghost. As the story goes on it becomes worse and worse. The end of the anime is really depressing. Some of my other favorite drama anime are Bleach, Naruto Shippuden and Clannad. Anime- A Japanese style of
Motion-picture animation,
characterized by highly
stylized, colorful art,
Futuristic settings and violence.(1)
Mecha- Also known as meka or mechs, are walking vehicles controlled by a pilot, often appearing in science fiction or other genres involving a fantastic or futuristic element. Mecha are generally, though not necessarily, bipedal. In most fiction in which they appear mecha are war machines. (2)
Shounen- Shounen is also known as shōnen. An obvious and common example of shōnen is "fighting" anime, where extremely powerful warriors duke it out amongst each other with various forms of martial arts and superpowers. Typical examples of this include Dragon Ball Z, Flame of Recca and Rurouni Kenshin.(3)
Mahou-Shoujo - Magical girl.(4) SHOUNEN Shounen anime are anime that are all about fighting. What I mean is that even though shounen anime are all about fighting, just like action anime they are totally different. I mean action anime has some romance in it, but compared to shounen anime action anime has no romance in it. One example of this is in the anime Asu No Yoichi. That anime is labeled a shounen anime because it has a lot of fighting in it. But the anime also has a lot of romance in it, and that is why it is also labeled as a romance anime. But, the anime is not labeled an action anime. Some of my other favorite shounen anime are Accel World and C3. MECHA As I said earlier mecha are also known as meka which are walking vehicles being piloted by a human. Well that also goes for anime too. What I mean is that in anime that are labeled mecha, it includes someone piloting a walking vehicles. One example of this is in the anime Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. In that anime it starts off with the history of the aliens named BETA and how human kind found it and how it is trying to kill humans. Then it starts talking about how humans created robots to help kill the BETA. From that moment the anime is all about the robots and the pilots in them. Some other mecha anime I like are Heroic Age and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. SOURCES 1)
websites I used for the anime.
animehere.com, animenewsnetwork.com, and animeultima.com. THE END I
1) SOURCES Side Note The anime production began at the start of the 20th century. It started in the country of Japan. Some people think that anime are only for teens. But anime are for all types of people. What I mean is that teens might watch anime that are rated T, and children might watch anime that rated E. Even card players, like Peng, might watch anime like YU-GI-OH ZEXAL. As you see anime are for everyone. One more thing, to experience the feelings you have to see the anime yourself. EVERYONE, PLEASE ENJOY THE PRESENTATION. THE END BY: AHAMED ARIF, 802
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