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CNS 120 Final Project

No description

Isabelle Jeffrey

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of CNS 120 Final Project

CNS 120 Final Project
What I Learned in CNS 120
How I Learned It
You're not married to your major
Networking is key!
I also learned about my own strengths, values, and goals
Mystery majors presentation
MBTI survey
Adult fans
Mystery Majors
The presentations emphasized that we are not married to our majors--> we can pursue so many career paths based on almost any major
For example: you can major in sociology and be a financial analyst
The possibilities are endless no matter what your major is!
We created profiles in order to network with alumnae
Enabled us to conduct informational interviews
Allowed us to get in contact with people working in fields of interest
MBTI Survey/Values Survey
The life values survey helped me understand my values: responsibility, achievement and humility
After taking the MBTI survey I learned that I am ENTJ
Adult Fans
Their responses were insightful, helpful, and valuable
It was great to hear from the people I admire. They told me about the valuable and positive strengths I possess
This boosted my confidence and encouraged me to explore different options as far as internships and jobs
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