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Lulu Belle Madison White

No description

ashley harris

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Lulu Belle Madison White

Lulu Belle Madison White the beginning THE END OF THE BEGINNING Lulu Belle Madison White was a teacher and a civil rights activist who was born in Elmo, Texas in 1907. She went to school in Elmo then enrolled in Butler College in Tyler. Later moved to Houston where she met and married Julius white. Mrs. white then enrolled in Prairie View College after raising two foster children. Receiving a Butler in English. Therefore she be came a teacher for a African American school. THE CHANGE But before the day mrs.white was ask to join National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or the NAACP. She resigned from the height community school and devoted all her time to the NAACP it was a struggle to exterminate the Caucasian primary. In the late 1940s Mrs. white served as director of the youth council,fund-raiser, and organizer the new chapters of the states .she became the president after the death of the old president of the Houston chapter. in 19 1943 mrs.white had a fund-raiser that in which was under her control be come the largest in south Houston , therefore she became the first paid executive secretary . Mrs. white so became friends with all different nationality due to her work. FRIENDS Attention Her year term brought mrs.white alot of both national and state attention when the Supreme Court had a case for the Caucasian primary to be outlawed she was the forefront for the african american educating vote . The NAACP looked to integrate Texas University that pursued to the Supreme Court Sweatt the opposing side credited Caucasian leadership for disagreeing with the NAACP. Mrs. White was also included in other cases of African American rights. Mrs. white made a big impact on the nationality in the NAACP. She resigned from secretary in 1949 and became state director of the NAACP . She remained in latter reports till her death in 1957 ,possibly of heart failure . After she was buried the NAACP made a freedom fund-raiser named after her in honor of what she did they called it the Lulu White Freedom Fund. for her achievements from helping African American schools and her work with the NAACP . Lulu Belle Madison White was important in Houston,Texas WHERE SHE WORKED Her husband Julius White who also worked for the NAACP be fore she did be he left for other work. shes amazing
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