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D91 Graduate Project: "Writing the Project Proposal"

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Transcript of D91 Graduate Project: "Writing the Project Proposal"

Proposing the Project
Writing the Project Proposal
Before you write your Project Proposal letter, you need the following:
A serious project. Find a project you are interested in BEFORE you write your project proposal letter. Once your project proposal is accepted, you are COMMITTED to your project!
Parental/guardian permission. Your parents/guardians must approve your project. Projects cannot be completed without parental permission.
Permissible Projects
The proposal should be written in business letter format, addressed to your Graduate Project Advisor.
Your letter should have 1' margins.
Your letter should be no longer than 1 page.
Give a copy of your proposal letter to your Graduate Advisor and place one in your portfolio.

Be sure to check the sample business letter in the Graduate Project Handbook for exact formatting and content requirements! (http://www.d91.k12.id.us/graduateproject/handbook2013-14.pdf )
Guidelines for Writing the Project Proposal
Here are some general guidelines for business letter writing.
First impressions count! Errors in grammar, spelling, or organization could delay your project acceptance and leave a bad impression with the people judging your project! Triple check your letter to make sure it is perfect before submission!
Find help if you need it! Check with the Graduate Project Handbook and your Graduate Project Advisor if you have questions!
Most careers require basic business letter writing. This is an excellent opportunity to practice those skills!
Keep the tone formal and polite. The Project Proposal is a time for professionalism and civility, NOT humor and absurdity. Take the proposal seriously!
Things to Remember
Project Proposal Samples
The formatting is nearly perfect. There should be an extra line between the date (December 15, 2011) and the Graduate Project Advisor (Mrs. XXXX) but this is a minor error.
Excellent paragraph 1. The writer explains his interest in his project, shows that the project is a stretch, and relates it to his post high school plans.
Good paragraph 2. The last sentence should be re-written due to awkward phrasing. The writer mentions research but doesn't elaborate beyond "the internet". The description of his mentor is excellent.
Good paragraph 3. The writer mentions the cost of the project may be "expensive" but doesn't elaborate. He could give an approximation of cost. I assume the rod will be the final demonstration of his project but the writer did not mention this as a goal.
Excellent paragraph 4. The writer details his goals for the project and how these goals are beneficial to his future.
Overall, this is an excellent project proposal. The project, project goals, and project relationship to post high school life are all clearly elaborated.
Sample Proposal 1
The formatting is nearly perfect. There should be an additional line between the date (December 15th, 2011) and the Graduate Project Advisor (Mr. XXX). However, this is only a minor error.
Good paragraph 1. The writer describes his general area of interest and his experience in that area and explains how it will relate to his post high school plans. My only worry is that his extensive experience in the area may make the project too simple to complete.
Okay paragraph 2. The last sentence should be re-written to improve phrasing and flow. The writer describes his project emphasis (small motors) but does not describe how he will complete his research on Honda Motors. Where will he get his information? Furthermore, the research does not directly apply to the project. The writer is rebuilding small engines; understanding the history of Honda Motors will not help rebuild an engine. The research is off project-topic.
Good paragraph 3. The writer describes his project step by step, including how he will document it and an expected timeline for completion.
Good paragraph 4. Sentences 1 and 2 should be combined. The writer describes the goals for his project and how those goals relate to his life post high school.
Overall, this is a good project proposal. The proposal has some sentence construction problems, and I wonder whether the project sufficiently "stretches" the writer, but the proposal is acceptable overall.
Sample Proposal 2
Note: Scroll your middle mouse wheel "up" to zoom in on the project proposal samples. To view additional sample Project Proposals, see the link on the Student Graduate Project page on the D91 website.
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