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Urban Management Plan Taos

No description

Paul Bryan Jones

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of Urban Management Plan Taos

Urban Management Plan for the Town of Taos
Water Conservation Management Plan
Urban Management Plan
Part 1: Community Forest Health Management Plan (CFHMP)

Part 2: Water Conservation Management Plan (WCMP)
Part 1 : CFHMP
Developing a community forest plan which will be a working tool that improves, maintains, preserves , and protects our tree communities.
Urban Planning in a Rural Setting Co-Benefiting Environment and Health
August 13, 2015

Paul Bryan Jones
Part 2: WCMP
Waterways are the bloodline of our historical and cultural heritage. The sustainability of these Acequias and Rios are invaluable to our high desert plateau communities. Without water there be no trees and without trees there be no liveable community environment.
Tree Management Plan

a).Email Surveys, Interviews, Public Meetings
b). Best practices- Albuquerque, NM Portland Oregon, and Urban Forest Tool Box

a). Non-Profits: Taos River and Birds, Amigos Bravos,
b). Schools
Addressing the needs, seeing the evidence and developing a solution
Urban Management Planning

Community and
Environmental Stewardship

Part 1 : CFHMP- Need for Tree Management
Part 1 : CFHMP- Need for Tree Management
Part 2: WCMP- Need for Water Management
Part 2: WCMP- Need for Water Management
Focusing on:
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