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Copy of Latino Claim Customer Experience

No description

Victoria Gonzalez

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Latino Claim Customer Experience

Improving the Latino Claims Customer Experience A small team with big ideas The background... The genesis of this work began at a Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN) meeting with a discussion on how to improve the Latino Claims Customer Experience.
Allstate has invested in Hispanic advertising and marketing, but our service to this segment has not kept up with our marketing. The business opportunity... •The Hispanic market is the largest and fastest growing minority in America
•16% of the total U.S. population is currently of Hispanic descent (50M people)
•By the year 2050, one in four people living in the U.S will be Latino
•Approximately 70% of the 50 million prefer to speak Spanish
•While more U.S. Hispanics are speaking English, Spanish continues to be more dominant
•72% of Hispanics prefer Spanish when speaking Allstate's opportunity... •Allstate, once the share leader, has lost to competitors in recent years
•Auto Insurance Market Share
State Farm 14%
Allstate 11%
Geico 10%
Farmers 7%
Progressive 7%
Nationwide 2% The Latino Market... The team... Our Challenge... The Mission... Statements... Mark and Marcie, Let's continue... The team... The team... The team... The team... The team... The team... The team... The team... Michael Correa
MCM, Cross Plains Express Alvaro Duarte
Team Leader, Tejas MCO Kathleen Abed
MCM, Tejas MCO Michael Estrada
FPL, Yuma Express Lupe Gallardo
New Product Launch Manager, Marketing IDIC Victoria Gonzalez
Adjuster, Corona Auto MCO Rosie Medina
Assistant to Sr. VP, Centralized Services Jorge Quezada
Director, HR Inclusive Diversity Vickie Ruiz
MCM, Yuma Express To identify opportunities that can positively impact the Latino Claims Customer Experience. To provide the Spanish-speaking customer with claim service in their language of preference while empowering our Spanish-speaking employees with the tools, resources, and training necessary to provide a quality customer experience. "I saw your commercials in Spanish, and my agent speaks Spanish. I thought these letters would be in Spanish."
"As a claim employee, I wish these letters were translated into Spanish. My job would be so much easier."
"I'm realizing I hired this employee thinking they were proficient in Spanish, and they are not."
"As a claim employee, I wish I knew how to translate these terms into Spanish. My job would be so much easier."
"Why can't we, as claim managers, cross-collaborate to learn form each other?"
"Why can't Allstate develop claim curriculum for the Spanish-speaking claim employee? Why should I, as a manager have to develop my own?"
"My customer demographics are changing. I'd like to better understand the Hispanic market."
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