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Building Efficiency Indicators

A process approach to creating efficiency indicators for departments within the Government of Canada as they respond to new Treasury Board requirements. Total length - 9:40

Alcide DeGagne

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Building Efficiency Indicators

Step 1:
Analysis Logic Models
analyze outcomes
analyze outputs
identify the critical few Step 2:
Business Process Mapping activity analysis
identify sub-activities
build process map
identify vital processes that contribute most to the outputs
identify obstacles or barriers to outputs
identify the "stuff" Step 4:
Build Indicator Template using the indicator template identify
indicator number
indicator type and name
identify the custodian
identify the data source
describe how the indicator is to be measured and reported Step 3:
Output Analysis match output to GSRM table
confirm type of output and linkages to outcomes
go to generic indicators table, identify the best indicator
confirm choice Step 5:
Draft the Performance Story analyze the indicator
do a first draft of the story
validate with team
create the final version
submit or publish Building Excellent Efficiency Indicators A Process Approach Manage the Change explain the impact of the change
identify of sources of resistance
engage those affected in group problem solving press the play button
over there for audio ( ) © copyright 2013 © copyright 2013 © copyright 2013 © copyright 2013 © copyright 2013 © copyright 2013 © copyright 2013 14-5480 Canotek Road
Ottawa, Ontario
www.deltapartners.ca © copyright 2013
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