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Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer - Problem/Solution


Patrick L

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer - Problem/Solution

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer John Grisham Problem
Theodore Boone, a thirteen-year-
old, thinks he is a lawyer. His parents
are both lawyers, and he visits them
in their offices in court everyday. He
also watches many court cases.
Then, Theo gets his chance to really be like a lawyer. The kid gets
involved in a murder case where
Peter Duffy, the person accused is about to get away. When he finds an eyewitness that can give the information to put him in jail,he has to act quick. The problem is that the witness is an illegal immigrant, so he doesn't want to go up to the court, or he might get arrested. Theo will have to find a way to convict Mr. Duffy before time runs out. Solution
Theo discusses what he should do about his problem with his Uncle Ike. Ike and Theo tell his parents. Then then they all tell Judge Gantry about it in private. The judge then postpones the day that the trial will be continued so he can think about it. On the day the trial continues, Gantry declares declares a mistrial. That means that the trial will be stopped or a couple months because of new information that can change the case's outcome. It really helped give the eyewitness and Theo time to talk things over so that they could get the witness to realize that he wasn't going to be arrested as an illegal immigrant.
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