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Laika Swag

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Cinema

The founders of cinema

The Lumière brothers were the founders of cinema.
They were two French photographers.

When and where the cinema was created
The cinema was creat in the end of the nineteenth century, in 1895, in France.
the movie that gave rise to the movies was "The output of the workers of the Lumière Factory".
Types of films

Our work in English is about the topic " CINEMA" and we're going to present its origins as well as some curious facts about it. We'll hope you'll enjoy it!


The evolution the cinema
The cinema, in 1895, was very limited. The images were black and white.
But, over the years the technology are in developing very fast. So the cinema creat a formula to see images in colors, and the first color film was made in England.

Tragedy film
Terror films
Thriller films
Romance films
Musical films
War films
Science Fiction
Fantasy films
Documentary films
Comedy films
Adventure films
Animation films
Action films

Our favourite film
We enjoyed several movies, but mostly action and adventure. To speak here chose the popular movie "Fast and Furious".
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