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Race and Crime: The Fate of the Nation

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Jessica Madden

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Race and Crime: The Fate of the Nation

Race and Crime in the Local Prison System:
The Fate of the Nation Inmate population
White: 88.6%
Black: 9.8%
Native American: 1%
Asian: 0.6%
The amount of white people in Vermont prisons has been on the decline for the past 19 years. The amount of black people has been on the increase. The racial compostitions in prisons is and has been for some time primarily caucasian.
Supervised Criminals
What does the data show us?
That the amount of minorities that are supervised is greater then the amount of minorities in prison.
Supervised Criminals are those who are on probation, Parole, Intermediate sanction, Reentry.
What does the data show us?
The data shows us that the majority of the population of prisons is white. However when compared to Vermonts population as a whole, prisons display ethnic diversity. The number of black inmates is on the rise more then any other race of inmates in Vermont prisons. It is our belief that race does not determine crime here in Vermont because the racial diversity is so limited that the ratio of each ethnicity in and out of the prison system is the same for virtually every race. By Jes, Chris, and Katie
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