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Professional Learning Communities

Try 2

Karla Rainey

on 19 August 2009

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Transcript of Professional Learning Communities

PLCs Educators committed to working collaboratively in ongoing processes of collective inquiry and action research in order to acheive better results for the students they serve. PLCs operate under the assumption that the key to improved learning for students is continuous, job-imbedded learning for all educators. (DuFour) The Four Big Ideas of PLCs Ensuring that
Students Learn ensuring, not just providing the opportunity A Culture
of Collaboration learning and working interdependently toward a common goal is the norm A Focus on
Results shifting the focus from intentions to results Hard Work
Commitment success is entirely dependent on the professionals
who are the heart and soul of an effective school. What do PLCs do? Examine student work to identify progress in relation to learning targets.
Analyze student assessment data for trends and gaps
Plan units and lessons to meet learning needs.
Analyze assignments for alignment.
Analyze instructional strategies.
Learn together (book studies, research articles, action research)

"Professionals do not work alone;
they work in teams...to accomplish the goal--to heal the patient,
win the lawsuit, plan the building." Where do we start? 1. DATA driven priorities
2. GOALS that are measurable/tied to an assessment
3. TEAMWORK that produce short-term assessment results plan a lesson/unit > teach it > assess its impact > adjust instruction More information about PLCs Adams Middle School
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