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My Prezi narrative

No description

Gio Caraveo

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of My Prezi narrative

Antonio Caraveo Characteristics/Qualities Accelerated
I’m very accelerated in many ways, whether it is in school, work, or my personal life.
In school I do one of two things; I get my assignments done right before a deadline or as soon as it’s given to me.
With work I’m always the fast guy “Speedy Gonzalez”. In my past job every one of my coworkers were slow. Every time I was called to help a customer load up 50 bags of cement or a hundred 2X4’s I would always get it done faster than it took another coworker to walk from one side of the store to the other to come “help” me load up a customer’s merchandise/items. Organizer
As soon as I see things getting out of place with my life; whether it is a stack of papers, codes, passwords, family, work, or my bedroom I do whatever it takes to organize it. In order to organize, I’ll usually file my papers, put codes and passwords on a nice sheet of paper, talk to family members about problems and solve them, get aligned with my work, and fold clothes, vacuum, mop, and clean my bedroom. Goal-Setter
When there is a goal I really want to accomplish but can’t at the time I do whatever it takes. For example, running a full marathon was one of my goals when I was 17 years old. I ended up running that full marathon and getting 17th overall out of a 1000 people. After that I also ran two more marathons. 1. All of these qualities and characteristics will help me greatly in life, school, and this class. One big reason is that all of these qualities and characteristics put together have made me the man I am today. These qualities and characteristics are just a few that define me and keep me striving for more out of life every day.
2. The goals I want to reach at the end of this semester in this class are to get good grades and learn as much as I can. A lifetime goal of mine is to be in the Olympics competing in a running event.
3. What motivates me to reach my goals is the thought of winning and being a champion in my heart and all around. When I was in 7th grade a lot of my teachers would tell me that I wouldn’t amount to anything in the future because I wasn’t getting good grades and I was messing around too much; and to add on to that they said that i would be a “nobody”. Ever since that day I made my mind up to never quit and if I fail I will continue. 4. The community I belong to is St. Mark’s church. Every time I go to mass and listen to the readings I get motivated to do better for myself and others.
5. My strengths are to never give up, working hard, and helping others in times of need. My weakness is my pride.
6. I want to improve all of my attributes and characteristics because there is always room for improvement. And that's my life! Accelerated (Cont.)
As for my personal life; I play a lot of basketball with my friends and family; and whenever we play a game of five on five I'm always the one to steal the ball from anyone holding the ball. I've been called "The Energizer Bunny", "Speedy Gonzalez", "The ghost", and "flash" because the players I steal the ball from don't even see me coming. AKA: Gio I really like quotes and I found this one interesting...
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