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MR. S.

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Verizon

Verizon on the Stock Market
More Facts about Verizon
Ceo: Lowell C. McAdam
Headquarters: New York City, NY
Customer Service: 1 (800) 837-4966
Billing support: 1 (866) 326-7937
Founded in Delaware
Verizon largest U.S. wireless communications service provider as of September 2014

Founded Oct. 7, 1983
Merger of Bell Atlantic Corp and GTE Corp.
Has 125.3 Subscribers
Net Nutrality
Preserves our right to communicate freely online
Internet service providers provide us with open networks
All about treating contemt on the internet
Market Cap:199.99B
P/E ratio:19.57
Dividend yield:4.47%
Even more Facts
A Verizon Near us-1665 State Hill Rd Berkshire Mall, Reading, PA (610) 378-3311
Verizon has a Twiter, Google+, Inastagram and Youtube
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