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Building a high performance student chapter

No description

Leo Szeto

on 14 June 2015

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Transcript of Building a high performance student chapter

Building a high performance
student chapter

The Visionary
Defining Leadership
Creating a "Brand"
(During the school year)
After new elections
The ability to make the people around you feel
By Leo Szeto
Who am I?
Ride Controls Engineer
Walt Disney Imagineering

UCLA EECE Alum '12
Chair, UCLA IEEE 2011 - 2012
Projects Manager, 2010 - 2011
Leo Szeto
"The future belongs to those who
believe in the beauty of their dreams"
- Eleanor Roosevelt
Philosophies and Strategies for successful leadership
Goals for today:
Define the roles required for a chapter, regardless of size, in order to succeed
Adopt master planning strategies that will help focus your efforts and resources
Provide some tips and resources on managing your chapter effectively
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Because IEEE Leadership
is an
One of the most rewarding experiences I've gone though in college
The opportunity to improve the collegiate experience of my peers
The ability to create cultural change in the student body
Learn leadership skills that provides new perspectives
Org Tree
Why should you care?
The roles of an
In summary:
Imagine this...
A place where students can go to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom
A thriving network that provides numerous and diverse opportunities to its members
Sustainable and Scalable; With the funding to match!
- A successful chapter requires both leadership and management to succeed!

- Leadership can emerge from all levels; An officer's individual success equals the team's overall success.

- Identify your consumers, create your product, advertise like crazy

- Failure is to be expected; Design for failure so as to mitigate risks

- Constantly search for places where there are unfulfilled demand so as to create a better product
Defining Management
The ability to leverage the feeling of empowerment to
Practical Use
Ralph David Abernathy Sr.
(March 11, 1926 – April 17, 1990)

Civil Rights Activist

Financial Secretary/Treasurer and Vice President At-Large of SCLC

MLK's Right hand man/Best friend
Both Leaders and Managers need
each other to
"I have a dream...that one day..."
Exists at all levels, but is the primary purpose of the chair
Assess future needs
Drive Innovation
Rally support
> Determine your primary goal(s)

> Identify key bottlenecks and issues

> Anticipate long term impact

> Understanding WHY
> Illuminate and discuss problems with fellow doers

> Empower doers by providing the needed resources

> Gather data and experiences to support the vision

> Establish trust and respect between officers

> Seek transparency in making changes
The Executive
"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
Understands HOW to achieve
the desired goal!
Engineers tend to be highly effective doers!
Provide and Enact Solutions
> Understanding the chair's needs
and vision for the organization
Typical Roles: Vice Chairs, Project Chairs...etc
The Officers
> Utilize the talants and interests
of officers to enact the solution
Additional Considerations
- Each organization is different depending on size, or the types of people on the team

- A small chapter might require officers to be visionaries, executives, or officers for a given task

- The roles simply discuss the ingredients needed for an organization's success.
> Push for effective solutions that
match the group's vision and
> Help current officers become
future managers/chairs
Creating the product from which the vision can become reality
(And having fun on the way, too!)
Support the cause and have the desire to contribute in a tangible way
Your School
An IEEE Officer
Most Importantly...
Officers carry the torch forward!
New officers become
executives and visionaries
Executives and Visionaries inspire
new officers to the chapter's vision
Executives and Visionaries shape the chapter's future, guided by the visions of their predecessors
Cycle of leadership
Always Remember...
(Plus one more ingredient!)
(Before the school year starts)
Converting your vision into actionable goals
Justifying your existence
Who knows what you stand for?
Exemplify your ideals
Story about Nathan
Are you transmitting it clearly? Who does it reach?
Identify what you need!
Money? People? Supplies?
We all want more of everything, but in relation to how you're going to achieve the vision
How does your chapter offer unique value to the community?
Does the chapter's efforts solve a non-trivial problem?
What is a brand? (Answer: An ideology that speaks through a tangible medium)
A brand is magnetic: It can rally people around itself
The attraction is stronger then any amount of free food: It's a deep connection that helps the people identify who they are
Initial Discoveries
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