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sara rose

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Foundation To Pull up Your Standards Interactive
Standards Explore Your Standards Units What is Teach 21? Teachers

Teach 21 Resources
BY: Sara Rose When you click the magnifying glass it takes you to a lesson
When you click the P it takes you to a performance task
The Blue words will be defined when you mouse over them
Take a few minutes and explore your standards and the interactive features Next we will explore the pre-made units
Favorite part of teach 21
All information, rubrics, and handouts
you will need are already located in this location LINK
Teach 21 is full of great resources to help you implement Next Gen Standards http://wvde.state.wv.us/teach21/ Unit Location Plans are included for all grade levels 9th Grade Unit Plans Link to Unit https://wveis.k12.wv.us/Teach21/public/NG_Unit_plans/UPview.cfm?action=V&tsele1=1&tsele2=10&upid=12 9th Grade Unit Plans Units Continued All information needed is included
Units are created for every grade so far
More are being added
Why create when you can use what is already there? Exploring Other Units Explore Hyperlinks Take some time and explore this unit
Click on the links
Look at the resources
At your group find something you like about it
Find something you have a question about Explore a unit for your Grade Discussion Find a unit for your grade level
Discuss it with members of your table
Explain your unit to your group members
Would you use this in your classroom? Thank you! Thanks for listening:)
I hope these units and technology can be of some use to you in your classrooms next year! Useful Tools Did anyone find anything they could use in their classrooms with the interactive standards? WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Technology Tools Why use technology???? Thinkfinity Not Just for lesson plans anymore
Create an interactive classroom
Makes it easy for students to access materials from home
Keep all of your information in one place for easy access
Post links for quick access ALl your tools in one place! All Content in one easy to find location! Create A Class Together http://thinkfinity.org/groups/mrs-rose-english-12-cr-6th-period/content Create your account Add Content and go! Once you have finished creating your class You are read to add content
Your students can find your class by typing the name in the search bar
They just have to ask to join!!!
Enjoy your new technology tool!! Add Content
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