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Black Butler

No description

Auxzana Brown

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis
Alois Trancy
Alois is the other Ciel. He is the opposite of Ciel in just about everything except determination. He also tends to try to get Ciel alone, or tries to get whatever Ciel want including maids and butler alike. He is abusive towards his maid, Hannah and a bit too friendly with his butler, Claude. His name among the queen is "The Queen's Spider.
Claude Faustus
He is Alois's butler and a demon. He is quick and alert. He protects Alois without care. He doesn't care about Alois truly but helps him. Hes helping him get revenge for his old life in return for HIS soul,alike with the contract they made at a young age.
Undertaker is a weird and creepy character who has a crazy love of humor. He is a bit insane but he's perfectly happy hat way.
He usually helps people if they can give him a 'First Rate Laugh" He runs the store 'Undertaker' and sizes for coffins. As well as that he is a reaper.
He is known as a 'Demon Hound' Pluto loves Sebastian and frequently gets jealous, he breathes fire and is a protector of the Phantomhive Household.Later on in the show he died in one of the last episodes of season one
Lau is Ciel's pawn in the show and follows his orders. Lou also owns a smoke shop where people can come and smoke,and live their dream through the hallucinations. He works with his sister and she protects him at every cost.
Ran Mou
Ran Mou is Lou's sister and does everything for him. She's quiet and is strong determined to protect her brother at any cost,even her life...
William T. Spears
William is the 'boss' of the shikigami and is easily angered,especially by Grell. He has a good sense of timing at a random time and tends to have to set Grell straight and take away his weapons.
Hannah is Alois's maid. She stared at her master, and in response,Alois gauged out her eye. That is why she wears the patch on her eye. She is abused often and forced to do things she doesn't want to do.
The Queen
The queen.There is much to say about this character... She is entwined with her dead husband,and her former butler Ash combined the two souls. She was murdered by Ash late in the first season.
Ash / Angela
Ash is an angel and hates all the impure. He was the killer of Ciel's parents being that Ciel has a contract with Sebastian, he is sworn to be killed by Sebastian for revenge. Not only that but he was the Queen's butler but when she reveled her feelings for her dead husband, Ash kills her mercilessly.
Prince Soma
Prince Soma was a spoiled prince.He dearly cares for Ciel and the rest of the resendents. He is very emotional when it comes to Ciel's well-being and he loves curry.
He is the servant of Prince Soma and cares for him dearly. Also it has been said that he has the hand of Kali, a goddess in India.
Sebastian Michaelis is Ciel's butler who is there. They are tied by contract and he may seem to like Ciel, but honestly he has no feelings except hunger. Not only hat but he is the eye of a woman's intimate feelings. Even though he's a demon he has a soft spot for cats.
Viscount Druitt
Droccel Keinz
The Triplets
The Viscount of Druitt , Aleister Chamber is a noble who is known for his taste in fine art, wine and food and his popularity with women. However, he is involved with many secret and occult societies and illegal business, such as human trafficking. He once attended Weston College in the Scarlet Fox Dorm. Although he does not engage in any medical profession, he has a doctor's license. Since Edgar Redmond is his nephew, it is implied that Aleister has at least one sibling. He often appears as comic relief.
Not much to say. He's a creepy doll who tries to kidnap people.He's a creepy doll....
The Triplets are three brothers whom are also Alois's Servants. They have an eye for Hannah who is the maid.
Paula is Lady Elizabeth's maid and is mortal. She serves Elizabeth at the best of her ability but at times is useless.
Mey-Rin is apart of the Phantomhive household and is extremely clumsy.
Ronald Knox
Ronald is a young man with yellow-green eyes and short blond hair that is dyed black in the bottom half of his hair. He styles his hair in a wavy fashion, bringing a cowlick to the top right.

Ronald wears thick-framed, pentagonal-shaped glasses and a watch on his right wrist. He dresses in the customary formal fashion, sporting a suit, tie, gloves, dress shoes, and occasionally a hat.
Grell Sutcliff
His typical attire consists of a vest, gloves, red and white striped bow tie, and red and black high-heeled ankle boots. Additionally, he has a red coat that he confiscated from Angelina after fatally wounding her, which he slings off his shoulders and wears around his elbows. He is described as "covered in red."Grell has specially modified his Death Scythe to operate like a chainsaw, because he says the average Death Scythe is old-fashioned; he claims that his is of first-rate quality.
Tanaka is an elderly man with grey hair and a mustache. He wears a monocle, a clean suit and white gloves, and is almost always holding a cup of tea. His body's dimensions are usually portrayed shorter and smaller than they are in actuality. On rare occasions, he "grows" to his full height when delivering something important.
Balroy is one of the household servants at the Phantomhive manor. Baldroy (also spelled as Bardroy), usually referred to as Baldo or Bard, is the household cook of American descent. He rarely produces anything edible as he uses weaponry such as flamethrowers to cook, believing that cooking is an art requiring explosions. Sebastian believes anything he creates is made up of charcoal and carcinogens. Baldroy pursues cooking to learn how to slow down, as he states cooking takes patience to master, which was something he was not used to during his years in the military.
Finnian, usually referred to as Finny, is the household gardener. However, it seems every time he tends to the garden, it is destroyed through an accident caused by his clumsiness. He is portrayed as an innocent, optimistic character who loves his work, but is dubbed an idiot by Sebastian for destroying everything he touches in spite of being warned to take caution beforehand. Finnian displays feats of superhuman strength, which he tries to suppress for fear of hurting others and risk of sabotaging his work.
Also his Death Scythe has been modified into a flying lawnmower.
Grim Reapers are supernatural beings who review lists of humans about to die. They are to remain neutral between affairs that have no relation to them. It is to their discretion whether or not an individual is allowed to continue living, based on the content of his or her Cinematic Record. If the Grim Reaper does not notice any reason to allow the person to live (some kind of history-changing quality), his or her soul is consequently collected. Each Grim Reaper wields a Death Scythe, which serves a dual-purpose of being a weapon in combat and reviewing and collecting souls.
Demons are supernatural beings who occasionally form Faustian Contracts with humans, offering a range of services in return for the future consumption of the individual's soul. Devoid of love and compassionate emotions, they strictly follow their two aesthetics: one, their masters' orders are absolute, and two, obey those orders while keeping their contracts.
The humans of Kuroshitsuji are generally residents of England during the Victorian era. They are incapable of possessing supernatural abilities at birth. However, they can form Faustian Contracts with demons, wherein the latter fulfill their wishes, and in return, the human sacrifices their souls for consumption.

Bizarre Dolls
This race appears solely in the manga. Bizarre Dolls are soulless, carnivorous beings who prey on humans. It was initially believed that they are erroneous experiments of the Aurora Society's medicine. In truth, their creator is Undertaker, who has attached fake continuations to the Cinematic Records of dead humans. This causes them to attack and rip open living humans in search of a soul, having lost theirs when they initially died.
This race appears solely in the anime. Ghosts are the result of humans who have died, but for some reason, cannot move on from this world. They remain attached to the human world due to their variety of human emotions. The existence of this race is contradictory, since the Grim Reapers collect all humans' souls at the time of their deaths, and a ghost remaining in the human world should therefore be impossible.
19th century London
During the 19th century, London was transformed into the world's largest city and capital of the British Empire. Its population expanded from 1 million in 1800 to 6.7 million a century later. During this period, London became a global political, financial, and trading capital. In this position, it was largely unrivaled until the latter part of the century, when Paris and New York City began to threaten its dominance.

While the city grew wealthy as Britain's holdings expanded, 19th century London was also a city of poverty, where millions lived in overcrowded and unsanitary slums. Life for the poor was immortalized by Charles Dickens in such novels as Oliver Twist.
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