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Tania Delariva

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of ecology


-Occurs in autumn when leaves start to fall off trees. They also turn orange/red.

-A numeral measurement of hot or cold.


- A region of the earth where it is close to the equator.
- Areas of living things and a particular climate and different living species.
- A community of living organisms and the factors in an environment.
- A group of living organisms sharing a populated area.
- A sum up of all the people in the world or an environment.(Animals)
- A group of organisms that can breed.
Food Chain

- A food chain is a linear method that starts from a species that doesn't eat anything.
Food Pyramid

-Describes the inter-related community in ecology
This is when you add up all of the earth's ecosystems
Primary Consumer
- Organisms that receive energy from consuming other organisms.

- The pattern of weather
over time
in a certain area,
really cold places.
- Area of land without trees, across North America, Europe, and Asia, frozen plains.
Taiga is mostly in rain forest.
- An area that is covered by coniferous forest. It is the world's largest terrestrial

- A living organism that eats meat .

-A green plant that produces its own food.
-Organisms that produce compounds like fats, carbohydrates, proteins.
-Organisms that need carbon dioxide to grow.
Both food web and food chains have arrows.
food pyramid have levels of animals from the smallest to the biggest.
Food webs are constructed by animals who eat the other animals.
Food pyramids are in a pyramid that are producers at the bottom then consumers,secondary consumers..
herbivore, carnivore, omnivore the diffrence between a herbivore,carnivore, and an omnivore is a omnivore eats meat and plants then an herbivores they only eat plant and last a carnivore eat meat only
compare and contrast
In a food web and a food chain mean that the animaleats the other animal, plant or insect.
What it means to be heterotroph is you are a consumer.
An autotroph are the producers they capture energy from the enviroment and convert it to food.
Producers and consumers
Producers are organisms that can make their own food through photosynthesis.

Consumers are organisms that get other organisms for example plants, for them to get their energy.
Compare and contrast

An organism is a single living Like a human.
Population is like a bunch of Biotic things of the same species.

Compare and contrast
A Heterotroph is a organism getting its nutritution from organic substances.
Secondary consumer
A secondary consumer is basically an organism that eats meat and its also a carnivore.
A omnivore is a organism that does not only eat plants ,but it also eats meat.
A animal that eats plants.
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