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UWEC Living Learning Communities

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Nikki Peters

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of UWEC Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities UWEC Housing and Residence Life

Location: Katherine Thomas Hall
Provides an opportunity for domestic and international students to live together and engage in learning experiences related to living in an increasingly global society. Opportunities exist in the GLC for students to prepare for study abroad and for students returning from study abroad to share their experiences.

Requirements: Must enroll in a foreign language or foreign culture course (at least 2 credits) in both the Fall and Spring semesters GLOBAL LLC HEALTHY LLC Location: Murray Hall

Provides students an opportunity to become engaged in all aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It includes in-class and out-of-class experiences designed to learn about a wide range of wellness topics including but not limited to stress management, healthy eating habits, a variety of exercise options, and the spirit-mind-body connection.

Requirements: Must enroll in a Kinesiology 262 in the fall semester, and Kinesiology 186 in the spring semester HMONG CULTURE LLC Location: Towers Hall North

"Koom Siab" can mean harmony, concordance, unity/unite, cooperation/cooperate, working together, etc. Students living in this community will ideally come from all walks of life, some who are Hmong, and others who would like to learn about this vibrant culture. HONORS LLC Location: Bridgman Hall

This community enables honor students to live, study, play, and grow together with like-minded peers!

Requirements: Must be accepted into Honors program and enroll in Honors courses LEADERSHIP LLC Location: Governors Hall

Provides an opportunity to explore the concept of leadership both in theory and practice. Students will attend leadership seminars (non-credit and for credit), listen to speakers, take field trips, and participate in specialized programs designed only for the learning community participants.

Requirements: Must enroll in for-credit Leadership Courses, including BSAD 191 in fall and BSAD 155 in spring OUTDOOR ADVENTURE LLC Location: Towers Hall North

You'll be introduced to outdoor adventure, wilderness stewardship and group dynamics. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to take part in adventure trips like indoor/outdoor rock climbing, low and high ropes courses, hiking in local parks, whitewater rafting, skiing, snowboarding, and backpacking.

Requirements: Will likely include: Fall Semester High Ropes and Leadership Course, and Spring Semester Literature of the Natural World Course SOCIAL JUSTICE LLC Location: Sutherland Hall

Provides multiple opportunities for students interested in issues related to diversity and multiculturalism. Students in the community are involved in a variety of in-class and out-of-class experiences designed to develop a personal sense of social justice and provide ideas for how individuals can work for positive social change

Requirements: Students must enroll in IDIS 153, Introduction to Social Justice in fall, and IDIS 154, Social Justice in Film and Music in spring SPANISH LLC Location: Katherine Thomas Hall

Living in this LLC will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture. You also will have the chance to serve as a cultural ambassador to the other resident hall students, campus community and to prospective students.

Requirements: Spanish 202 or 301; Students with other levels of Spanish proficiency may be accepted if space allows SUSTAINABILITY LLC Location: Sutherland Hall

Students will be able to examine how their life choices affect the environment, social equity, the economy and people’s health. Students in any major are welcome.

Exclusive opportunities to participate and be a leader in sustainable:
•Activities such as an Upcycle craft night or canoe trip down the Chippewa River
•Discussions on topics like frac sand mining, the ethics of using bottled water
•Events like a sustainable fashion show or a sustainability photo scavenger hunt
•Competitions like Recyclmania
•Coursework that helps you satisfy your undergraduate education requirements
•Volunteer work with campus and community groups APPLY TODAY! http://www.uwec.edu/housing/ NEW! NEW!
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