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mian muhammad mansha

No description

Zohairr Saeed

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of mian muhammad mansha

The footsteps of Mian Muhammad Mansha Born: December 1st 1947 (age 65) Place: Lahore, Pakistan Business background Three sons who also work in Nishat Group. Mansha`s family Only son. Wife Naz Saigol, who runs Nishat Linens. Struggles Went to UK for college, after graduation he returned back to Pakistan.
Went to University of Punjab, Pakistan. Education By: Zohairr Saeed Mian Muhammad Mansha Textile business
Started in 1951.
Name Nishat Mills.
Business split into west and east side of Pakistan.
Mansha took over west side.
Largest exporter of cotton. Wealthy chinioty family. Religion Islam Mansha `s Portfolio Owns the MCB bank, Pakistans most profitable bank.
Nations largest private employer.
Largest exporter of cotton products.
One of the richest man in Pakistan.
Awarded Sitara-E-Imtiaz civil award by the President Musharraf in 2004. He always had luck with his business, nothing has ever stopped him from achieving his goal. Thank you for listening 3.8 billion U$D 1.2 billion U$D 5 billion U$D Mansha`s Business Portfolio Mansha`s Business Portfolio Due to his Entrepreneurship abilities he always turned his struggles into opportunities.
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