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Veronica Hein - Leadership Pathways

Leadership Change School-based Project

Veronica Hein

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Veronica Hein - Leadership Pathways

Leadership Change School-Based Project Who am I?! Head of core subject for 5 years Sideways SMT to Wildern Sideways again AST Cantell Looking for Assistant Head position since 2003!!! My 2 Aims: More effective leader and delegator More effective in presentation of myself Lead teacher in 3rd year Quality first teaching CPD for all staff - 2 days Register Practical clear workable evolving Focus: Able, Gifted and Talented
Tackling Underachievement The Bigger Picture Improved links with home
- parental involvement
- protect/increase intake Overhaul T&L policy Results Provision On-going coaching/team teaching Students interviewed sustained improvement year on year - routines and systems in place Coaching - AfL groups Challenge Days and College Links Me as a leader - effective influencing, challenging conversations Me as a leader - networking, creative thinking,
effective influencing My Personal Development as a Leader
Epiphany Moments Core Day 2 - MD and 'real'/'ideal' selves The 'hello' lady Creative Thinking Skills Workshop:
Dealing with Challenging Behaviour Any Questions...? Aims met? I am a good leader - a confidence thing
Need to work on MY listening skills Evaluation
and next steps Active reflection of T&L
beyond work with ASTs Homework T&L meetings Raise on-line to identify priority areas for obs Targeting
Individuals Data Target/current grades CTLs Observations target setting for Autumn term Review of progress Interviews - staff and students Year 10 - much less of an issue...? (Top 5% current Year 11) Me as a leader - use of data and creative problem solving flfdjkfsdfj
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