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About Mr. Gonzalez

No description

Ivan Gonzalez

on 5 September 2017

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Transcript of About Mr. Gonzalez

Get to know
Mr. G

Question 3
Question 1
Question 2
English Teacher Extraordinaire
True - False

When Mr. G Was little, his favorite superhero was:
(A) Superman
(B) Spiderman
(C) Batman
(D) Green Lantern
If they made a movie about my life, which actor would play me?
(A) Andy Garcia
(B) John Leguizamo
(C) Danny Trejo
(D) Esai Morales
Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Gonzalez worked
(A) as a Just Pizza delivery guy
(B) as a banker
(C) as security guy in a night-club
(D) as a Delta Sonic wipe guy
ok. here we go. in 10 or so easy (?) questions.
(C) Nana-nana-nana-nana
(D) Esai.
(B) as a banker
Other Jobs I've had:
Garbage truck
Salmon cannery
Supermarket Stock-boy
Guitarist for a Rock Band
Photo Lab Tech
Soccer Referee
Bill Collector
Hospital Corpsman in the Navy
Editorial Cartoonist
Movie Critic
Press shop operator
Question 4
Which artist did Mr. G once
meet at a street corner?
(A) Keith Haring
(B) Frank Miller
(C) Basqiat
(B) Frank Miller
Question 5
Of the following, Mr. Gonzalez's favorite book is
(A) Oliver Twist
(B) Catcher in the Rye
(C) Grapes of Wrath
(D) To Kill a Mockingbird
(B) Catcher in the Rye
by J.D. Salinger
Question 6
Mr. Gonzalez is
(A) older than Methuselah
(B) Oprah's age
(C) as young as a spring chicken
(D) Leslie Jones's age
Which of these songs
have never made me say
"This is my JAM!"
(a) "Waterfalls" - TLC
(b) "Get Lucky" - Daft Punk
(c) "Yellow Submarine" - The Beatles
(d) "Never Gonna Get It" - En Vogue

Yellow Submarine
(D) Leslie turns 50 tomorrow!
Question 7
Which of these is Mr. Gonzalez's Favorite Cartoon?
(A) The Flintstones
(B) Kick Buttowski
(C) The Loud Family
(D) Tom & Jerry
Question 8
Which of these tasty animals has
Mr. Gonzalez eaten?
(A) iguana
(B) cricket
(C) capybara
(D) moose
Question 9
Mr. Gonzalez is
(A) usually over-caffeinated
(B) happy to be your teacher
(C) an awful swimmer
(D) super awesome
If the Zombie Apocalypse were to occur, after rounding up my family I'd grab:

A screwdriver
A lighter
My heaviest guitar - probably the Les Paul
A jar of peanut butter


If I were to host a dinner party with dead celebrities, I'd invite

Kurt Vonnegut
Roberto Clemente
Elvis Presley
Oscar Wilde
Redd Foxx

Mr Gonzalez has said all but the following:
A. On fleek
B. Find your seat before I find it with my foot.
C. I don't want to hear your life story
D. See you in church

What's a fleek?
Mr. Gonzalez once threw out the first pitch at a Bisons game.
All of the above
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