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Forest Fire

About Forest Fires

Anni T

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Forest Fire

Forest Fires
How do Forest Fires Start/Happen?
-Caused by humans (60%)
-By Lightning (35%)
-Hot Temperatures
What are the bad and goods of Forest Fires?
What is a Forest Fire?
-Known as Wild Fires, Vegetation Fire, Grass Fires,
Peat Fire, Bushfire (Australia), or hill fire
-A Forest On fire
How are Wildlife and Others
Affected by
Forest Fires?
They Affect Wildlife and Others because we living things need plants and trees to live, without them
we would not be alive, because as humans we need air and air is oxygen, oxygen comes from plants and trees.
It also affects food and area movements.
Because of Forest Fires, some animal may have to take changes and move to a safer area to live at, it is same to us. If there was an earthquake we would need a safer area to be then the destoryed homes.
How to Stop Forest Fires?
To stop a forest fire, usually you need
fire fighters, but to get the fire fighters there
you need to transport them.
Wildland fires often occurs in rugged terrains
so fire fighters then will often have to be transported by air then walk in with equipments to
stop the fire
Once Crews are to the fire, Suppression methods are used depending on the type of Fire
Ground Fires
Often and Best Controlled by Digging trenches in the soil
Surface Fires
Portable Water backpacks and Firebreaks
are often most effective at controlling surface Fires
Crown Fires
If a Fire Escalates to this type of fire, Aerial support is used to suppress the fire with fire retardant chemicals and/or Water
These Fires are often very dangerous and human lives are first in fire fighting; sometimes these fire are allowed to burn until they run out of dry fuels (the Thing that lets a fire burn)
Lighting caused fire, tend to go for a longer distance then human caused fire
Since 2006
Forest Fires that Occurred
Video is on Private so No worries no one can watch it only if they got the address to it .
-An uncontrolled Fire often occurring in wild land areas
Thank you
For having ears to listen
The variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.
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