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on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Cyber-Bullying

How it Affects are Lifestyle
What we can do to prevent it.
The most important thing to do when getting cyber-bullying is to tell your parents. If threats are getting severely dangerous, it would be necessary to call the police so you can track the person that's cyber-bullying you.Don't be afraid to ask for help. Something you should never do is respond to that bully because thats what the bully is trying to get you to do, being angry.
How it can be stopped
Cyber bullying might never be able to officially end, but there are some ways you can prevent it from happening it to you. When having a social media site, make sure you get your parents permission and put a strong password. Never friend anyone you don't know. Doing so will let the person look at your information. When sending an email, make sure that you have the right persons email address because if you don't, your email might have been sent to the wrong person.
Interesting Facts
Some people who have received really threatning emails, commited suicide.
The victim being bullied is most likely not to know who the bully is but the bully usually knows who they're picking on.
Only 1 in 10 students tell their parents whats happening to them.
50% of people cyber-bully for fun
Most people get cyber-bullying from texting because most people do texting than emailing.
50% of all American teens have been cyber-bullied in their life. Cyber-Bullying is bullying except on the internet and mostly bullied by social media sites. This has been a huge problem for us because instead of actually seeing the bully, you might not be able to indentify who the bully is. It can also be really hard to track down a cyber-bully because you might not even know who they are.

Cyber-bullying makes a person feel sad and worried. It can make them afraid of going to school which could cause their grades to slip,depression, less self esteem and being afraid to be yourself. It has a huge life style on us because the person being targeted, is too afraid to do anything to prevent it.

In Conclusion
Cyber-bullying can be a very dangerous thing in life and if it ever happens to you, you should ask for help and not be afraid. If you dont stand up, you will feel really weak and not be able to do anything.
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