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Teens should be allowed to buy violent video games

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Jose Mizhquiri

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Teens should be allowed to buy violent video games

Teens Should be Allowed to Buy Violent Video Games
By: Jose Mizhquiri

Did You Know
According to the F.B.I
F.B.I statistics say that youth violence has declined in the recent years as computer and video game popularity soared.
What would you do?
What If you couldn't buy the video game you wanted because you were a teen. Teens are humans too.
Teens need to play video games because they can benefit from them. By using the controller have better eye coordination. As result, teens will be able to get good jobs like a doctor or a teacher.

What If?
You wanted to buy a brand new video game but when you went to the desk to buy it but you could not because you were a teen.
Boys are among the estimated 5% to 7% of children who have attention defect disorder need to play video games so they can learn to to pay attention in school.
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